How to Measure Bar Stools for Your Home

How to Measure Bar Stools for Your Home
So you've decided it's time for some new bar stools. Or perhaps you've never owned them before and you want to get in on the trend? We can't say we blame you... bar stools are both stylish and practical addition to any home. However, there are some things you need to bear in mind when deciding on the new addition to your kitchen. And one of these is pretty important - you need to know how to measure up! Knowing how to measure bar stools is not as complex as you might think but there are a number of factors to bear in mind. It's not as simple as measuring the length and width of a bed, for instance. There are several measurements to consider when deciding on the size you'll need. These include the obvious width and height, but also depth, seat height and width along with seat depth and internal backrest height! We promise it's not as hard as it sounds.

How to measure bar stools

First of all, the most important measurements to take are the height and the width of the entire stool. This will let you know, generally, if you can fit the stool into your desired space! Also, bear in mind the height of the bar stool if you want it to tuck away under a counter. You should ideally have a few inches of space in between the stool and the counter for adequate space. This is likely to be easier with backless bar stools. Next, you should measure bar stools for their depth. This will also help when deciding if a bar stool can be placed underneath your counter. If the depth is too much, the stool may awkwardly stick out and prevent you from achieving the look you want. Also, remember that a backrest can add anywhere between 5 and 12cm to the depth measurement. Then, measure the space between where the bar stools will generally be placed and the counter. There should be around 25cm of space in between your lap and the counter so measure this first! Then, check if there will be enough room between the backrest and the wall behind. If you are placing your bar stools in an open area, this will not affect you. However, ensure that there is enough room for people to walk behind and pull the stools out if you are placing them in front of a wall.
Seat height adjustment
Remember that bar stools with a gas lift will be adjustable. So, bear this in mind when deciding if a stool will fit under your counter or not. Generally, the average gas lift bar stool can adjust the height from 60cm to 80cm. Keep this 20cm gap in mind when measuring up!
When in doubt
When you are starting to measure bar stools to see if they'll fit in your home, we have one piece of advice. It's always best to err on the side of caution and add a few 'leeway' inches here and there! This is especially important if you are purchasing bar stools with armrests as these can take up a lot more room than you might have initially thought. To see our general spacing tips for placing bar stools in your kitchen, check out this blog post