Millennial Home Trend Designs

Millennial Home Trend Designs

It’s safe to say that millennial trends have been quite popular within the world of interior design. They have one of the largest influences on the internet and social media, and because of this they have the power to inspire brands and create a shift in the market place. Most recently, the realm of home and design has become exceedingly popular, with online influencers sharing their sweet, innovative homes, offering advice, and pointing us in the direction of quality furniture. Minimalism features smooth, clean lines, uncluttered rooms, bright, airy rooms, and simplicity. It really embodies the term “less is more” and it creates a simplistic sense of beauty that can be hard to match with any other interior design style.

While this sounds like an easy interior style to nail, it’s much more than choosing a few pieces of furniture and opting for an all-white aesthetic. There are constantly new trends that we see emerging in the millennial design market, and we’re here to share a few to give you some inspiration, as well as motivation, to transform your living space into something pretty amazing, at an affordable price.

Open Plan

Of course, like many modern and contemporary interiors, the minimalist trend focuses on creating cleaner, smoother open spaces. The end goal of an interior like this, is to have a soothing, warm space that is both inviting and welcoming, and remains a timeless aesthetic. One of the most important hurdles to get over when switching to a minimalist lifestyle, is to stick to the ‘one in, one out’ rule. This is because we have the tendency to hold on to things, items, and objects that no longer serve a purpose to us – it’s essentially rubbish we don’t really need and could live without.

Spend a day or two decluttering, and be ruthless when it comes down to it too. Once your home is free of all the clutter you’ve been hoarding, it’ll open up a lot more space, and give you the chance to make further improvements or development in your home.

Minimalist Architecture

This type of architecture reduces design elements, so it doesn’t need ornamental features or decorations to make it stand out. It’s popular now in homes to work with inherited elements that can’t be altered, such as exposed pipework, or exposed bricks. Minimalist architecture was essentially born in the 1920s, from the Cubist inspired movements of De Stijl and Bauhaus. Popular architects such as a Ludwig, had a strong belief that minimalism gave power to architectural space.

So, how do you incorporate minimalist architecture within the home?

  • Opt for ‘clean’ lines
  • Simplistic and plain materials
  • Geometric forms
  • Open spaces
  • Repetition to provide a sense of order

Wood and Exotic Hardwoods

Minimalist homeowners tend to prioritise organic and sustainable wood. Natural wood has lines that have purposely been kept there, to keep it’s uniqueness and character. We know that flooring plays a major role in the overall décor and setting the foundation for the home, so it has to be right. Natural hardwood offers a homely feel and aesthetic. It offers warm wood tones that make a space feel very welcoming. You can balance the warmth of this with light and dark tones and colours, but be extra careful to pick your furniture that doesn’t match the floor. This can sometimes be a bit overpowering, and can quickly become the opposite of what a minimalist interior should look like.

Flooring in apartments and house allows you to creative a visual impact as you maintain a spare décor. Go for Brazilian Cherry, or Butternut, Teak and more.


Many modern minimalistic homes will feature various tonal textiles that compliment the overall interior. They’re superb for adding a sense of warmth and richness throughout. A popular trend recently has been with décor prints and patterns that are unique and distinct. Textiles add more texture and dimension to a living space, from blankets, to throws, cushions and more accessories that can easily be placing in the home. You can take a look on Pinterest at the extensive range of minimalist patterns.

Boho Style

Boho interior is a style designed for those who would like to add a bit of life and culture into their homes. The aesthetic lies with bright colours, vintage rugs, wooden chairs, tables, distinctive accents, and of course, indoor plants. This style has been trending in recent years, and some elements have made their way into minimalistic homes to provide a more subtle but grand style and design. You can achieve design elements of Boho with your furniture, for example. Boho furniture isn’t furniture that is bought brand new in a store, most often it’s second hand, or upcycled furniture that has a story behind it, that has a lot of character.

You can also integrate Boho and minimalist design with your lighting and accessories. Choose ambient lighting that will unify your room and add a sense of brightness and calmness to it.