Mix and Match Dining Chairs: How to Master the Tricky Trend

1st February 2018

Mastering the trend of mix and match dining chairs!

Who doesn't love a good challenge when it comes to interior design? Sure, sometimes less is more when it comes to styling your home but like the old saying goes "good things don't come easy." And, yep, this Pinterest-esque trend of mixing and matching chairs can seem pretty daunting at first. But it looks so nice, right? Well, we're going to help you master this tricky trend and convert your kitchen or dining room into a hip, stylish snap-worthy space. All you'll need is a few new dining chairs... or maybe even some fresh pots of paint. Get ready to mix and match dining chairs.

There are two main ways that you can mix up the chairs in your home: by colour and by style. We're going to talk you through each of them and show you examples from our collection!

Mix and match dining chairs by style

Okay, so first things first, let's take a look at style. This might be up your street if you've got your heart set on a particular colour scheme or you're not feeling quite brave enough to go bold with colour yet. Choosing a set colour for your chairs but varying them on style is a great way to introduce the mix and match trend. In terms of our collection, we think that the Bronby and Bergen chairs are a perfect starting point. They both have similar designs that complement each other. They also both come available in an armchair style or armless chair so you can begin to get that mixed-up look. For argument's sake, we're just going to go with a grey colour scheme. Mainly because we recently published a blog post talking about all things grey!

From top to bottom, the chairs we've just shown are the following products: Bergen armchair (£47.99), Bronby chair (£49.99), Bergen chair (£47.99), Bronby armchair (£49.99). Don't they look amazing together? This is a perfect example of you can mix and match dining chairs without having to go too bold on colour or even crazy styles!

More style mixing

Here's one final example of mixing and matching through style. This time, we've gone for a timeless and stylish black colour scheme - you can't ever go wrong with black, of course. It'll look great in any already existing kitchen or dining room, especially if you've incorporated some splashes of bright colour here and there. Who doesn't love a good contrast?

The dramatic black colour scheme can seem bold and intimidating at first. However, by mixing up the styles and adding a chrome frame into the mix you can really create a playful seating area. Don't be scared to use a variety of materials! From top to bottom, the chairs we've used here are the Stockholm dining chair (£49.99), Jacob dining chair (£54.99) and Nova dining chair (£49.99).

Mix and match dining chairs by colour

Now, it's time for something a little bolder and more daring! We would usually recommend that you stick to the same sort of style if you are going big on colour. This just means your room will be tied together nicely. However, if you're looking for chairs for a quirky cafe or art studio then it can work just as well to incorporate different styles too. In the home, it's always better to play it a little safer to make you feel more relaxed and put together. Nevertheless, here are some examples from our collection which we think look great in different shades:

Here you can see our gorgeous Ava gel chair (£54.99) in various colours. We think the simplicity of this dining chair means you can really go to town on the bright and bold colours you choose. A simple black and white kitchen could adopt this mixture of colour for an amazing, uplifting feel. In particular, the contrast of the blue, purple and yellow is really stylish at the moment. Bear in mind, being shy with colours seems easy but going bold can be much more effective.

Combine style and colour mixing

This is where things get really exciting! If you're really into the mixing trend and don't want things to be 'in order', you'll love our next example. Basically, we've put together a collection of chairs that we love and think look great together!

The chairs featured above, from top to bottom, are as follows: Melody accent chair (£54.99), Halmstad dining chair (£42.99), Bergen dining chair (£47.99). We decided to go with a complementary colour scheme just to show you exactly how you can mix colours in the dining room. It's all about being brave and using your intuition to decide what works best!

Get creative

As we mentioned earlier, you could also get handy with a pot of paint. If you love the style of your current dining chairs or can't afford new ones, it's time to get crafty. This will work especially well if you've got wooden chairs. All you need to do is nip to your local DIY store and pick up some of your favourite shades. Coat your chairs in a different colour each (or mix it up with some matching and some not). It's a simple solution to a very rewarding trend! You'll have a mix and match dining room in no time.


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