Celebrating National Gardening Week! Our Top Tips

Celebrating National Gardening Week! Our Top Tips

Happy National Gardening Week!

From today (30th April) to 6th May, the UK is celebrating National Gardening Week.  The Royal Horticultural Society started this fantastic and colourful celebration in 2012. The charity decided to switch the usual week (April 16th - 22nd) to a later date this year, due to the spell of bad weather we've had lately. Changing the date of National Gardening Week will hopefully encourage more people to celebrate enjoy gardening to its full potential. Of course, one of the biggest parts of National Gardening Week is actually getting stuck in and getting hands on. The RHS want to encourage people to get out in the garden and share their 'love of gardening' with others. So, we decided to join in and share some of our top tips. We'll also throw in some links to great websites and ideas for getting the most out of your garden.

Our top gardening tips

Often, gardening can seem like an arduous task, especially if you haven't been blessed with green fingers. However, it doesn't have to be that way! With the Chelsea Flower Show on the horizon, expectations can be high. But our simple tips will make sure your garden a pleasant, family-friendly place to be, without breaking the bank or competing with Alan Titchmarsh.
  • Keep on top of your weeding! Use weed killer and a trowel to dig up any weeds lurking about. The more often you do this, the easier it is to keep up appearances.
  • If you're not an expert at planting seeds, take advantage of bedding plants. This easy shortcut will have your garden looking colourful in no time!
  • Make sure you only mow the lawn in dry weather - wet grass can clog mower blades. Always check for and remove any stones in the grass before you begin.
  • For curved garden borders, you can use a garden hose to mark out the border. Your garden border shouldn't be to narrow and can be dug up with a turf cutter and spade.
  • When cutting hedges, less is more. Lightly trim hedges with a hedge trimmer, continuously checking your progress. Always try to keep the bottom slightly wider than the top of the hedge; this will allow light to reach all sides.
  • You can clean and re-use old containers to create beautiful planting containers. Recycle something unusual or with an interesting design to create a particularly special plant pot.
  • Use a stiff broom to regularly brush any debris or moss from patio areas. You might need to bring out the jet-washer for any stubborn areas! However, be careful with using a pressure washer on any heavily mouldy areas as this may only contribute to the damp problem.

Great websites to check out

First things first, you should definitely head over to the official National Gardening Week website for an abundance of fun ideas and events happening around the country. This is a must if you're looking to get all the family involved! By the same token, you can also view the Royal Horticultural Society's website for fabulous garden inspiration and topical blog posts. If you want to really get involved, you can save 25% off on an RHS membership by signing up online! Check out the National Children's Gardening Week website to get the little ones involved. Bear in mind, this event doesn't start until the end of May but there's plenty of resources available on the website.

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