New Year, New Furniture? Treat Yourself in the New Year

New Year, New Furniture? Treat Yourself in the New Year
From all of us at Lakeland Furniture, we hope you've had a magical Christmas and a truly enjoyable New Year. But now, it's back to reality. It's back to work, back to school and back to eating (relatively) sensibly! That said, we really agree with the concept of having a fresh start in the new year.  People often start the gym or take up a new hobby when January comes around. It's cliche but it's the perfect time to start again. This shouldn't be any different for your home! Maybe you've always wanted to re-decorate or you're thinking of adding an extension. Either way, it can't harm to treat yourself to some fabulous new furniture... can it?

January sales, anybody?

So it's not just the time of year when everyone goes mad for a gym membership and a 'fresh start'. It's also the time when everyone goes shopping! Retailers everywhere have been taking advantage of January sales for years and we're no different. Now's the time for the Lakeland Furniture price cuts and we can't wait to show you what's on offer. Granted, your pennies may be running a little low at this time of year but it's completely worth checking out some products that might go up in price later in the year. So, what do we recommend? Well, let's take a look.

Treat yourself to a dining set

Perhaps you felt a little cramped around the dinner table on Christmas Day? Or maybe you were inspired by the glorious set-up at your great aunt's house? Either way, the new year is the perfect time to treat yourself (and your dining room) to a brand new table and chairs. How about this glorious combination? Here you can see the deluxe Gothenburg glass table with a set of four Halmstad chairs in a stylish grey fabric. This entire set comes to the bargain price of £224.99. We can't shout about this one enough. Grey is always super trendy and this glass table just adds to the fashion factor. Scandinavian cool? Nailed it! Shop it here. Looking for something a bit more luxurious? How about a longer dining table with a set of 6 leather chairs? Now, that sounds like something we can get into. Isn't that nice? Well, if you're wondering, that is our Atlantico dining table paired with the fabulous Chelsea dining chairs in brown leather. This entire set comes with a pretty reasonable price tag of £484.99 which could be a great investment for your 'new year, new home' mantra. Shop the set here.

How about an all-new sleeping sanctuary?

We're talking about the bedroom, of course. And what's the most important part of any self-respecting bedroom? A bed (and mattress)! We've got plenty of gorgeous bed frames and comfortable mattresses available at a discounted rate. Keep those limes peeled. Our Chloe shaker style bed is the ultimate solution to your new bed desires. It's sleek white frame will look great with pretty much any interior and its simple design can complement your existing furniture. Wooden frames are super easy to clean so all you'll have to worry about is making your bed in the morning!* The Chloe bed is currently priced at an amazing £79.99 so get your orders in now before this disappears from our stockrooms. Shop it here. (*A great New Years' resolution). Of course, you'll need a brand new mattress to go with your bed. Perhaps you've decided that you want to get fit this year or sort out your aches and pains. Getting a new mattress is the perfect complement to this kind of goal - your body needs the best rest it can possibly get when taking on a new regime. Try out one of our 40 Zees mattresses for size. The pocket sprung ones are currently on offer so be quick!