New Year, New Furniture?

New Year, New Furniture?

The new year is well and truly upon us, and it’s usually a time when we reflect on the previous year, determine new goals, attempt to do dry January, or Veganuary and have a clear out and declutter the home. Although the beginning of a new year gives us the determination and motivation we need to do things that have been on our list for quite some time, it’s also the perfect time to change your interior, refresh your style and get ahead of the 2020 trends that will become extremely popular. We know that many of people have a natural eye for design, and our homes reflect our style, character and personality which is why it’s so important to get it right.

It’s one thing to get the colour palette right, but to then pair it with designer furniture and accessories to achieve your ultimate interior vision? That can be a mountain to climb for some. Rather than overwhelm you with the new in, must have wall art pieces, or what colours to paint each individual rooms in your house, we’re just going to focus on furniture. We’ve compiled some of the best tips for knowing when you need new furniture, what type of furniture to go for depending on your style, and plenty more.

Signs To Look For When You Need New Furniture

Although furniture is a luxury, it is also an investment. You need furniture that is practical, comfortable and that meets your budget. The last thing you would want, is to buy a brand new sofa to find out it won’t fit through your front door without causing damage. (Through the window it is). Here are a few signs to look for when you need to upgrade your furniture.

  • Faded furniture – this is often the case with leather sofas, cabinets, coffee tables and drawers. Over time furniture fades, and especially if it’s been exposed to much sunlight.
  • Creaks – You’ll experience creaks with tables and chairs and they can be relatively irritating. We highly recommend not ignoring creaks and cracks in your furniture as this is a major sign of it being replaced. We don’t think you’d like to sit down for dinner, only to end up sitting on the floor instead
  • Flat cushions – Of course we’re talking about sofas, the main statement piece in any living room. Whether you have a fabric, leather or velvet sofa, if the cushions are flat, the sofa is sagging and you feel like it could swallow you whole, it’s definitely time for a trip down to DFS or Furniture Village and test out a few new ones.

Living Room Trends 2020

living room trends

The living room for many of us is the heart of the home. It’s the place where we can relax after a long hard day, watch our favourite shows or movies and find our inner peace with ultimate comfort. 2020 is about to bring some of the biggest living room furniture trends to our doorsteps, so get ready

  • Get your shop on for cane, wicker and rattan furniture. This represents the popular grandmillennial style and it’s not going anywhere. It’s expected that we’re going to bring a more natural look and feel to our rooms, starting with furniture.
  • Bringing retro and vintage back! This is definitely the way forward for a more unique and distinct look. If you’re unsure whether to boss this style with a large piece in the lounge, work it with accessories or smaller objects, such as chairs.

Jenny Kirschner of JDK interiors shared her thoughts… “I believe we’ll see a trend to not be trendy, but to be more personalised and individualised in furniture choices”.

Kitchen Trends 2020

kitchen trends 2020

  • Dining seating has become quite the hit within the last few years, especially with those who have a kitchen island. There are a variety of bar stools in different styles which offer comfort, flexibility and style. They’re more catered towards the modern and contemporary home, however you can take your pick from low stools, fixed height, breakfast bar stools and plenty more to meet your tastes
  • Plants, plants and well, more plants. Hanging plants are the number one trend for millennials. By bringing in nature from the outside, it adds a natural, fresh element to rooms, and they look beautiful too!


Bathroom Trends 2020

bathroom trends 2020

  • Free standing baths are about to greet us in 2020. We don’t think they gain credit or the popularity they deserve, and although they’re mostly seen in Victorian, traditional and cottage style properties, the modern designs showcase a modern sense of beauty. Why not bathe in style?
  • Pewter and gunmetal was a trend in 2019, but it’s not stopping any time soon which is why it rightfully deserves it’s place in 2020. It might just outdo the bold black style bathrooms which are to specific tastes, but it allows for fixtures to have some extra depth and texture, which is exactly what you want in your bathroom interior.

Bedroom Trends 2020

bedroom trends 2020

  • Metal, glass and wooden bedside cabinets will take over from the traditional style cabinets to enhance functionality and practicality
  • Industrial driven is a trend that works extremely well for the modern home or apartment. A key element in this trend is the exposed construction elements, such as heating vents, brick walls, concrete floors, water pipes and more. The most popular colour palettes for an industrial style lean towards black, grey and other dark tones which can be achieved through accessories such as wall art, lamps and more.