How Often Should I Clean My Dining Chairs?

28th November 2018

How Often Should I Clean My Dining Chairs?

Whether you've got a rigid cleaning routine or not, it can be hard to know the best timescales and patterns for various parts of your home. Some of us like to clean the bathroom once a week, others more or less. It often depends on our lifestyle and how busy or obsessed we are with cleanliness! Neither is a bad thing, it's always personal to you. However, we're here to advise you on what we think is best or most effective. Today, we're going to talk about your dining room. If you find yourself asking: how often should I clean my dining chairs? You've come to the right place! We get to grips with the answer in this article.

This should always be a part of your cleaning routine

First things first, we must make it clear that how often you clean your chairs will depend heavily on the material they're made from. This will also impact the actual methods you use. So, think about that first. If you have upholstered dining chairs such as leather, faux leather or fabric, you should be regularly vacuuming them. Make this a part of your weekly cleaning routine if you haven't already! However, if you've got acrylic or plastic dining chairs, it may not be as effective to hoover them to keep dust and dirt at bay. With plastic dining chairs, we recommend using warm soapy water or a baby wipe to regularly wipe down. Again, simply make this a part of your weekly routine and you'll never forget to do it.

A deeper clean doesn't have to be so regular

When it comes to a deeper clean, which you'll obviously want to do at some point, it generally comes down to personal preference. Some people like to do in once a month, others every six months. You should assess this by how often you use your dining chairs, how dirty they tend to get and also how much you want to keep them in good condition. We recommend deep cleaning your chairs every 1-3 months. There are many methods for cleaning dining chairs but we've rounded up the best ones in these blog posts:

Remember that spot cleaning is also effective

Although we've said you should thoroughly clean your dining chairs using the methods we've linked to, that doesn't mean you should ignore marks and dirt. This can cause further problems down the line! Instead, try spot cleaning. This involves simply cleaning the area that's been marked or damaged with spillages and the like. It saves a lot of time and ultimately, it saves your chairs from becoming ruined. To spot clean, take a baby wipe to faux leather and plastic dining chairs to remove the spillage. Failing that, warm soapy water will help. With fabric dining chairs, it depends on the stain. Rubbing alcohol and water for red wine, white vinegar and rubbing alcohol for coffee/tea and soapy water for chocolate. But please refer to the cleaning guide above for further information!

In conclusion...

So, essentially, there are a few answers to the question: how often do I need to clean my dining chairs? We say that a weekly vacuum or wipe down with a baby wipe is a good starting point. Try to clean deeply with a more intrusive method once a month (up to every three months is fine if you don't use your chairs too much). Then, keep an eye on your dining chairs for immediate spillages which need spot cleaning quickly. And you should be good to go!


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