Amazing Outdoor Garden Bars

Amazing Outdoor Garden Bars

Staying at home with family and friends is more popular than ever and if you enjoy entertaining a well-stocked garden bar will be a welcome addition and sure to get a lot of use. Turn your garden into a beer garden during the summer months and make the most of the sunshine, while serving your guests from your very own bar. A garden bar creates a fantastic feature offering the escape of your local with all the comforts of home. Garden bars come in all shapes and sizes to suit a wide range of needs and budgets. Whether you have a large garden or small backyard an outdoor bar is possible, create an area to BBQ and an area to serve drinks from. Create an outdoor bar that incorporates part of your home into the design, decide on the type of bar you need. Do you need a large bar to entertain family and friends or do you prefer something that is smaller to enable you to enjoy a cool beer or glass of wine after a long day at work?

Permanent or Pop Up Bar?

You can build a permanent fixture or opt for a simple pop up. Convert part of your garden into an entertainment space by building a bar, customise it into something which fits in with your existing designs. The majority of outside bars are made from wood. Old wooden boards, recycled pallets, an old wooden door which you can hang shelves on, ideal for glasses and drinks.

Entertain in style - it’s like having your own pub!

If you enjoy DIY you could purchase one to construct or create a bar from something you already have in your home. A bar serving area, seating area and shelves for your favourite bar snacks, spirits, glasses and maybe a fridge or bottle cooler. Choose ingredients for your favourite cocktails and create your very own cocktail bar. What could be better than serving and enjoying an ice cold beer and cocktails on a warm summer evening from your very own bar without having to leave the house.


If you are short of space or are reluctant to put a permanent fixture in your garden, a fold-away Murphy bar made from cedar which is ideal for outdoor furniture is easy to build and adds additional seating and a prep station. Mount the bar on an exterior wall and add some barstools to create a perfect bar area. If you prefer something with a little more substance you could opt for a sheltered beach style bar or a bar that can be used all year round.

Maybe a ‘shed pub’ will be the answer, sheds have become multi-purpose they can be simple or elaborate, small or large, store-bought or a DIY project. Make a shed into a new space with interior and exterior paint. If the shed is distant from the house you can choose its own colour scheme, otherwise, try to match your house colour scheme so they don’t clash. Maintain a stylish look by using mainly natural materials such as cedar cladding and maybe a slate tile bar. Add lighting that changes colour, wow your friends with a fully equipped bar and sit back and relax with a drink even if it is raining outside, and for when the outdoors beckons install bi-folding doors which open out to the front of your bar and add an overhang to the exterior to create a shaded area to sit. Buy a pre-built shed and have fun fitting the bar yourself to create the social hub of your garden and create an area just for grown-ups.

If you have a small garden or backyard it is still possible to create an outdoor bar with a small table with the addition of a large container fitted around the base of the table, filled with ice. Ideal for keeping your drinks to hand and chilled ready for an enjoyable evening.

If you don’t have space for a permanent outdoor bar take the party wherever you want it to go with a portable Tiki bar which comprises of a small wooden foldable bar area, bar stools which fold for easy transport and a wheeled storage bag, a tiki umbrella and removable ice bucket. The tiki umbrella creates a wonderful holiday bar feel. If you enjoy DIY create your bar from recycled wooden pallets, easy and cheap to make, and look good.. Take eight pallets and some patio pavers to create the bar, or for a smaller bar two pallets with the addition of two shelves will create an ideal space. A pallet bar is a simple but sturdy construction and equipped with shelves makes it a perfect bar to store bottles, glasses and bar tools. Create a tika-take on a standard pallet bar by adding thatch to cover the spaces in the pallets to give it a tropical vibe. Accessorize and add beverages of your choice, and let the fun commence.

A wooden picnic-style table with built-in ice boxes perfect for keeping drinks cool is another simple solution to creating an inexpensive outdoor bar, all you need to enjoy socialising and relaxing on a summers evening. A ‘bucket tree’ is another simple idea that can be added to any area of your garden or backyard. 3 / 4 galvanised pails supported on galvanised pipes, suitable for holding ice, drinks, mixers, and accessories such as straws and napkins.

A basic kitchen cart makes a wonderful garden bar, paint it a vibrant colour. The cart has storage for bottles, glasses and an ice container. Even space to hang a glass cloth on the side of the cart, and can be wheeled to any area of the garden wherever it is needed. If DIY is not your thing, purchase a ready-made bar table complete with six bar stools with armrests that are stackable when not in use. The large table can be used for dining, together with a tilt and wind-up parasol to shade you from the sun. The bar set has a unique drinks cooler set in the centre of the table, great for when you want a cold drink on hand. Create an impressive stone structure by combining a bar counter and chairs and a BBQ area, where everyone can enjoy a cool drink while waiting for the food to cook.

Pay particular attention to where you locate it in relation to your house as you don’t want smoke from the BBQ to get into the house. Maybe tuck the bar into the corner of the patio, which can be accessed from inside through french doors. When the weather is good this becomes an extension of the living space. For a small outdoor space build a concrete bar from a kit, where all of the concrete is pre-cut.

A barrel with ice always looks good in any situation. A stylish bar which you can make individual by accessorising in your own style. A further backyard idea is a wine barrel for the base of the bar and a piece of reclaimed wood for the bar countertop. Using reclaimed materials is a good way to create a unique outdoor bar. For extreme luxury create an outdoor wet bar. As a wet bar is equipped with a sink it very often comes with the rest of the kitchen as well.

A sink and running water allows you to keep everything neat and clean ready for when your guests arrive and the cocktails start to flow. A wet bar usually contains a fridge or wine cooler and your choice of wines and spirits. Once you have installed you garden bar, the final step is to choose your accessories. Firstly decide which alcohol and soft drinks you wish to stock. The style of glassware you wish to use, maybe an ice bucket and tongs. Garnishes - lemon. Limes,olives and for the cocktail connoisseur sugar cubes or fine white sugar, basil and mint, and of course the basics, soda syphon, jigger to measure your cocktail ingredients and a cocktail shaker.

If you have enough space in your garden bar a bottle cooler, mini bar chiller or even a wine cooler would be a welcome addition. Complete you bar area with your very own bar stools, classic or modern styles or Funky and Retro depending on whether you wish to create an elegant bar area or create a fun area. Everyone can set up an outdoor bar but it is the attention to detail and the selection of drinks which will make yours and ‘outstanding’ garden bar.