Owning and Maintaining a Hot Tub

30th August 2019

Are You Thinking About Buying a Hot Tub?

Although exciting, buying a hot tub can seem daunting as there are many things to consider from the number of seats, the number of jets, number of pumps and filtration system used.

Consider the overall size of the hot tub, make sure it will fit where you want it to go. There are also many additional features available, such as audio systems, lighting, water features - waterfalls. It is thought that the research into purchasing a hot tub is the most important part, ensuring that you choose the right one for you - budget-wise, also the right one for your family.

Understanding why you want a hot tub is a good indicator of what kind of spa you should research. Decide where you want your hot tub to sit in your garden, consider which direction you will face, whether you will be overlooked, how you will fit your hot tub into the space you have chosen, and where it will feature in your overall garden design.

Perhaps discuss this will your hot tub retailer who I am sure will be happy to point out all of the considerations regarding an efficient installation, while helping you to make the most of your new hot tub.

The best hot tubs are the ones which provide years of pleasure and entertainment without costing you a fortune to operate. Check the quality of the hot tub construction.

The cost of running a hot tub depends on how often you heat the water, if it is well made with good insulation the better it will be at retaining heat, one of the reasons to choose a hot tub with several layers of different types of insulation which will ensure maximum heat retention.

Replica models lacking good insulation will ultimately cost more to heat. A thick strong hot tub cover and a solid ABS base will help retain heat while you are not using the tub. A strong base will also prevent garden creatures from getting inside it.

Hot tubs are available in all shapes and sizes, firstly consider how much space you have in your garden and the access to it, as this could limit the size of the hot tub you can choose. If you have a problem with access to your garden a crane may be suggested to help lift it over your house.

Next, give consideration to how many people you will have in the hot tub if you plan to have tub parties often you might require a larger tub than a regular family size one although this may not mean more seats they are generally more comfortable, they are available with seats for between two and seven people.

It is also a good idea to consider the height of the people who will be using the tub, most standard hot tubs are around 90cm high, but the lengths differ. If you are choosing a tub with a lounge seat make sure it will accommodate taller and shorter people comfortably, the best way to check for comfort is to sit in a dry hot tub.

Make sure your hot tub is covered when not in use and this will retain the heat and prevent airborne debris from entering your tub. The best hot tub covers are solid with insulation and have locks on each side for security and safety.

Many people refer to a hot tub as a Jacuzzi, but this is, in fact, a trademark name for a hot tub.

A hot tub creates time for what matters, whether that is for relaxing and unwinding or to help with pain relief.

Hot tub hydrotherapy involves the use of water for pain relief and treating illness as it is well known that water soothes aching joints and helps us to de-stress and relax, hydrotherapy is a combination of water and air pushed through well designed hot tub jets to deliver a smooth targeted massage to the key areas our body demands.

Ergonomically crafted to work alongside your natural shape, powerful high-grade jets provide a strong massage to ease aching muscles. Active jet patterns are designed to work vital muscle groups of the body, legs and back.

Some hot tub designs allow a range of swirling, pulsing, streaming or penetrating waterflow to deeply massage like every therapeutic technique, make sure you check the jets to ensure that they are adjustable and can be turned on / off to customise your massage.

Hot Tub Hygiene

Correct water treatment will ensure the safety of the hot tub users, reduce how often you have to replace the water and also protect the lifespan of your pump.

It is essential to keep your hot tub water hygienic by treating it with chemicals and regularly changing filters.

A typical hot tub uses pleated filters to trap any grease or dirt, and most tubs have one or two pumps which support hydrotherapy massage (the jets), plus a separate circulation pump which pushes all hot tub water through a filtration system.

The system includes a number of pleated filters, skimmers or filter bags to trap all matter of debris that may enter your tub during use. Plus some tubs have ozonators that release ozone into the water regularly

Ozone naturally kills bacteria so cuts down on the amount of sanitiser you need. Hot tub filters should be cleaned every couple of weeks and replaced every year.

Don’t forget it is important to maintain the hot tub water once it is up and running in your garden, detailed information about chemical treatments and water balance are provided when purchasing a hot tub and are easy to use once you know how.

Cleaning Your Hot Tub

To clean your hot tub, drain it completely and clean the acrylic surfaces with a damp cloth or sponge. Distilled vinegar or denatured alcohol are good cleaning choices for the surfaces. It is important not to use any cleaning products containing abrasives and do not use household soap or liquid detergent as this will cause the water to foam.

Remember when refilling your tub to turn the thermostat to cold or minimum and leave there until after the tub is filled and all of your pumps/jets are working properly.

Balance the Alkalinity and PH of your water as quickly as possible, as this can take a few days to complete.

Hot Tub Extras

Why not add the ultimate tot hub interior and exterior lighting and add ambience with colour and brightness. Match colours and adjust the brightness to suit your mood day or night.

Many tubs include water features and fountains, offering a cascade of water to add flair.Water features are soothing and exciting for guests and fun for children

Some tubs are supplied music ready where you get built-in factory speakers, or you can add a wireless Bluetooth audio system which allows you to connect your hot tub to your home entertainment system.

The only limits to how you accessorise your hot tub is your imagination. Some like to add seating around the exterior, while others built it into the surroundings of the garden to make it appear more natural. If you are looking to make your hot tub a central point of the garden, consider adding some Rattan garden furniture where you can sit and chat.

To complete your hot tub experience enjoy some audio entertainment. This is probably the biggest upgrade that people make because who doesn't like music? You can get floating speakers or even a dock that sits just outside.

Do some research and you will quickly get additional ideas.

Hot Tub FAQ's

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about hot tub ownership.

  • “Should I keep my hot tub hot or just heat it up when I want to use it”. 

It is preferable to keep the tub hot 24/7 as this will ensure it is always ready for use. It uses a lot more energy to keep heating a hot tub than it does to keep it at temperature. The only time it is not advisable is if you may not use it for a few weeks/months. In this case, it is recommended that you drain your tub to prevent bacteria growth.

  • “What is the best temperature to run my hot tub at”

As body temperature is about 37’C it will always feel warm above this temperature, most people prefer the temperature to be between 38’C and 40’C depending on the outside temperature.

  • “How long will it take to heat my hot tub”

There are many elements that affect the heating of the tub. Depending on the tub you buy it can have a heater from 2KW to 5KW. The hot tubs also have a range of water volumes and the time of year (winter to summer) will also affect the heating rate.

An example would be a 1300 litre tub with a 2.7kw heater will take approximately 20 hours to heat. Once heated they are designed to stay hot 24/7 and they will only need to top up any heat that has been lost.

A 2.7kw will heat up 3 degrees every hour which means for every half hour you use the tub it will take approximately 20 minutes to get back up to temperature once you have put the insulated cover back on.

  • “How long should I stay in my hot tub”

It is recommended by some authorities that you should not spend more than 20 minutes in the tub at any given time. However this is only a recommendation, if you keep hydrated and maintain your hot tub sanitation we see no reason why you cannot enjoy for several hours.

You can be in your very own hot tub in no time.

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