Pick Your Perfect Wooden Bar Stool with This Guide

Pick Your Perfect Wooden Bar Stool with This Guide

We all need a little buying advice now and then

Investing in new furniture can be a tricky process, especially if you're indecisive. That's why we create these all-important buying guides for our customers and blog readers! Often, there are so many products to browse that you just don't know where to start. Today's buying guide is focusing on wooden bar stools and how there's a different one for different types of people. So keep reading for our top recommendations...

Here's our guide to choosing your perfect wooden bar stool

We believe that bar stools are like soulmates. Somewhere out there, your perfect one is waiting for you. All you need is a little help along the way. We've picked out four of our favourite wooden bar stools and assigned them to personality types and lifestyles. Simply read the descriptions and see which one suits you best!

For the no-fuss minimalist who likes peace and quiet

Nord wooden bar stool - £59.99
Colours available: white, dark grey, light grey Width by height: 40cm x 101cm No fuss. No extra detailing. Simply, the Nord is a pleasing wooden stool which will perfectly complement any room of the house, in any style or theme. The contemporary solid wood frame is inspired by on-trend Scandinavian stylings, whilst the resin seat is formed to perfectly curve around the body and provide that much-needed support. There's no point investing in colourful, heavily detailed bar stools if it just isn't your thing. Keep things minimal with the Nord for a cool, easy-going aesthetic in your kitchen. Oh, and it's super easy to clean, so you can spend more time doing the things you love! Buy it here.

For the on-the-go trendsetter and jet-setter

Kennedy wooden bar stool - £39.99
Colours available: grey, biscuit, charcoal, black Width by height: 41cm x 85cm Now, this is possibly one of the most aesthetically pleasing bar stools we have on offer. Its simple silhouette is complemented by well-placed, meaningful detail. The black metal ring foot-rest contrasts beautifully with the wooden legs, whilst the low-back seat offers a laid-back vibe. The Kennedy is a well-thought bar stool that appeals greatly to our most stylish customers. And it's perfect for city apartments as it doesn't take up too much room. The kind of person who would love this bar stool the most is someone who is out and about, who doesn't need a supportive back-rest or swivel seat. They just need a place to gulp their coffee, quickly check their emails and then dash off into the city. Buy it here.

For the traditionalist who puts comfort first

Newark wooden bar stool - £84.99
Colours available: charcoal/grey, biscuit, cream Width by height: 40.5cm x 100cm This bar stool simply exudes elegance and simplicity. The thick, padded seat offers a level of comfort that you won't find in many bar stools with this style and height, too. Alongside this, the fixed height structure gives a uniform look for those appreciate tidiness. We understand that a jazzy, obscure bar stool isn't for everyone. But if you want the extra height that a bar stool gives without losing out on comfort - the Newark is definitely for you. There's a well-positioned footrest so you can enjoy a nice long brunch or evening meal; you won't have to compromise on anything with this gorgeous luxurious stool. Buy it here.

For the busy family with little ones running around

Kalstrom wooden bar stool - £74.99
Colours available: grey with brown, black with brown Width by height: 45cm x 108cm Love the look of wooden bar stools? Need a set of chairs to fit around your breakfast bar? But you've got a family to consider too? We've got the answer. The Kalstrom bar stool is perfect for catering to all members of the family. And you won't have to worry about ruining it too much - the solid wooden back is easy to clean whilst the faux leather seat is easily wiped over. Juice spillages aren't going to spoil the look of this stylish stool. It's the perfect combination of practicality and fashion, with its sleek finish and adjustable chrome base. Everyone will find a comfortable position on here and it'll still add a touch of class to your kitchen. Buy it here.