Setting the Dining Table for Festive Family Time & Christmas Dinner

Setting the Dining Table for Festive Family Time & Christmas Dinner
Ah, the dining table. It truly is the centre of the house and the heart of the home. Family mealtimes, chats over coffee and evenings full of wine just wouldn't be the same without your beloved dining table. Okay, granted, we don't always make the effort to lay our best cutlery and present a floral centrepiece. Even if you're the kind of family who prefers a TV dinner over table manners, there's no denying that a Christmas dinner is best experienced at the table. So, now we're in agreement that your turkey dinner must be enjoyed at the dining table, let's get down to the details. You've probably got your Xmas tree decorations down to a tee, along with the lights you'll be proudly displaying in your front garden. But what about the place settings at the dining table? Well, that's where we come in. Keep reading for four ideas to give your dinnertime a little more sparkle during the festive season.

1. Traditional Christmas

Everyone loves a traditional celebration. The classic red and green colours really do make you feel festive and cosy. There's no denying it! Mix and match between these two bold shades to create a Santa's Grotto in your very own dining room. In terms of the tablecloth, it's really up to you which colour you go for. Whichever you choose, you should focus on the opposite colour for the accents and little features. Scatter baubles around the table along with golden stars and tealights. Your centrepiece could be a miniature Christmas tree or a Santa Claus figurine to make everyone feel really traditional. Curl pieces of red and gold ribbon to add an elegant touch. When you set out your cutlery and plates, alternate with red and green napkins then top with a sparkling bauble like the example below:

2. Scandi Christmas

If you want to be bang on trend this season and really impress your guests with your fashionable taste, the Scandi theme is the way to go. The Scandinavian concept of Hygge has taken the UK by storm over the past 12 months. Hygge has been trending on social media and popped up in blog posts all over the web. It's also really easy to incorporate into your table setting due to the trend being so popular in the UK, now. Plus, if anyone knows how to do Christmas, it's the Scandinavians! Pick out cute Fairisle-patterned napkins to contrast against a plain white, clean tablecloth. Scatter pine cones and plates of freshly baked cookies around the table. Modern and simplistic plates are best. Your centrepiece could be a giant candle or a bowl of potpourri - anything that's going to make you feel cosy. Little accents of silver and gold can really make your dining room sparkle; check out the example below:

3. Fairytale Christmas

If you've got small children or girly girls in the family, you'll be very popular with this table setting idea. Create a sparkling wonderland in your very own dining room. It's actually really easy to achieve and not everything HAS to be pink! Think Disney princess films and Victorian storybooks. You're going to want to cover your dining table with a sheer, white or baby pink tablecloth. If it's got sparkles running through it then it's even better. Place small plant pots or vases filled with pink flowers to create depth. The centrepiece should be an elegant candlestick like the example below. However, if you're feeling really adventurous then a gingerbread house would go with the theme too. Take advantage of the Beauty & the Beast trend at the moment and decorate the table with cutesy tea-pots and copper teacups. Sprinkle confetti or multicoloured sequins all over the table to add that magical feel. Perhaps create placeholders with the prefixes 'Prince' and 'Princess' to make it feel really royal!

4. Nature's Christmas

This one will please the nature-lovers or Instagram-snappers. It's really simple to create, but that's kind of the whole point. It's easy to get lost in the materialistic side of Christmas when we're surrounded by lavish presents and expensive glittery outfits. However, it's time to strip it all back and feel grateful for the world we live in with this table setting. It also makes a really great Instagram post (if you do still want to retain a bit of materialism). Begin by laying a table runner across the middle of the table in a cream or natural shade. Linen would be a great material for this. Then, use bits of nature you have collected from the park or your back garden to adorn the table runner. Twigs, berries, flowers and leaves are all perfect. Add a few candles for added warmth. You could either leave out a centrepiece or copy the example below by adding in a similarly themed cake or plate of baked goods. Add a sprig of lavendar with a rolled up napkin to each plate.