What Should the Size and Spacing of My Bar Stools Be?

23rd January 2018

Creating a one-stop shop for bar stool advice

Sometime last year we published two separate blog posts covering the topics you're about to read here. The first post was mainly about the height and width of bar stools. The second post was based on spacing ideals. Well, we decided to combine some of the tips in those blog posts and create one go-to guide for both size and spacing of kitchen stools! Of course, keeping content fresh and updated is important- this is why we decided to revisit these old topics and shake them up.

So, what should the measurements of my bar stools be?

Quite simply, it's up to you. The size of bar stool you go with is going to depend on your individual desires and the requirements of your home. However, we can advise you on the different measurements available and what they are best suited to. It's definitely important to get the size right as the wrong stool can be really impractical or even uncomfortable! If your stool is too high then you'll be slouching and hurt your back. If your stool is too low then you won't be able to reach up! We've put together an easy guide to the various sizes of bar stools so you can be clued up in no time:

Height of a bar stool

There are various heights when it comes to bar stool measurements so make sure you pay attention. We're going to be discussing the following types: counter stools, bar-height stools, extra-tall bar stools and adjustable height stools. Counter stools are the most common type to find in the home and have a height range of 58-72cm. On the other hand, bar height stools begin at 74cm and can go up to 82cm. These tend to be found at taller breakfast bars that are above a standard kitchen counter height.

Alternatively, if you've installed a commercial-style bar or are looking for stools for your restaurant, you might prefer an extra-tall bar stool. These measure between 84 and 92cm. Finally, if you're not sure what size would be best, it's best to go with an adjustable height stool. This decision will ensure that it will fit under any standard counter but also be versatile to change.

depth and backrest height of the stool

The depth of a stool is important to consider. On average, a stool has a depth of 40cm. However, bear in mind that a bar stool with a backrest can add between 5 and 12 cm to the depth! When deciding if you'd like a backrest or how tall this backrest should be, you should consider the space where your stool will stand. If you are fitting bar stools into a smaller room then large backrests can make it feel even more cramped. This is the same when fitting in stools with armrests. Although, if you've got the space, it's definitely more comfortable to have armrests! So, if you're going to be sitting for longer periods of time then perhaps consider this.

How should I be spacing my bar stools?

So, as we've just mentioned, you really have to consider space when placing your bar stools. There are several things to think about here and you might be surprised how much there is!

Give your legs some space

Of course, it's important to make sure you've got enough legroom wherever you're going to be sat. If you're not particularly tall, then bear in mind taller guests who might not be seated comfortably! As a rule of thumb, there should be around 23-28cm space in between your lap and the counter. This will give you adequate room to cross your legs and avoid feeling trapped.

Spacing between bar stools

Although the average seat width is 40cm, this can be increased up to 50cm if it has arms. This could impact how many stools you need to buy to fit them comfortably in your space. Try to leave around 15cm space in between each bar stool when placing them around your counter or breakfast bar. This will allow enough room to turn and eat or drink without feeling squeezed.

How much space should there be between the stool and counter?

As we mentioned earlier, the depth of an average is around 40cm but can go up to around 50cm. There is no correct way to position a bar stool but if you have a small room it can be beneficial to store your stools under the counter. This would require the seat depth to be a similar or smaller measurement to the counter. Additionally, it's probably best to avoid backrests so that this doesn't hinder the bar stool from sliding under the counter. Alternatively, if you've got plenty of room then this might not be something you have to consider.

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