Spring Cleaning Your Home Office

Spring Cleaning Your Home Office

It's our favourite time of year!

Not only is the weather getting warmer and the flowers blooming, but this time of year is perfect for a good old cleaning session. Yes, it may be cliche. However, there's just something so satisfying about a spring clean. Perhaps it's the fact that we can leave the windows open to air out or the rooms. Or maybe it's the new-found sunlight that makes any home look that bit fresher and cleaner. Either way, it's officially Spring and it's officially time to tackle those cobwebs that have been building up. Today, we're focusing on the home office.

Spring cleaning your home office

Your think zone. A glorified computer station. A room for stuffing files and folders into a cupboard. It doesn't matter how you use or define your home office. One thing's for certain, it needs to be clean and tidy! No one can work efficiently in a dusty, cluttered space. However, sorting out your office doesn't have to be an endless list of chores. Using our top tips for cleaning motivation and tricks to get the job done. Guaranteed, you'll be feeling fresh, fancy-free and organised in no time!

Getting motivated to clean

First things first, there's no point creating a fabulous plan full of top cleaning tricks if you're just not in the mood. However, we've got plenty of ways to get you in the mood. Think of this as your ultimate spring cleaning motivation checklist... it can be applied to any room of the house!
  • Put on a playlist that makes you want to sing or dance - whether it be dramatic ballads or upbeat dance anthems, you need to feel motivated to run around and shout to these songs.
  • Make sure you're stocked up on all your cleaning products and accessories - going to your cupboard to find an empty bottle of disinfectant and a dirty feather duster is not going to motivate you!
  • Try and slot your cleaning session in as early as possible - then, you'll be able to spend the rest of the day doing something you actually enjoy and you'll be looking forward to it, too.
  • Turn off your phone or leave it in a different room, you'll only be tempted to check social media or your messages. Not productive!
  • Create a reward for yourself for when you've finished. This could be a sweet treat, a film you want to watch or a chilled glass of wine.
  • Finally, make sure you've got a set plan in place. Now, this is where we come in to help!

Your home office spring cleaning plan

1. Start by decluttering
There is no point in doing a deep-clean if you can't get to the surfaces because of all the stuff! Split your decluttering up into sections. Take a black bin bag for complete rubbish, another bag or box for recyclables and a bag for charity. Generally, this should be your method for any room you clean. Our top tip? Be ruthless. If you don't use it, get rid. If someone else could use it, give it to charity. Once your home office is less cluttered, your mind will feel less cluttered too! Yes, you need to go through your drawers too.
2. Organise everything into zones
Now, you may have started out with this intention when you first set up your home office. However, we understand that over time these aspirations start to fly out the window. Today's the day that you get back on track! Organise your drawers and cupboards into categories. For example, one drawer could be for paperwork and one drawer could be for stationery. If you're overloaded with paperwork then perhaps go even further and split your paperwork into categories. Investing in dividers and folders will definitely help with this.
3. Keep your desk space minimal
We have one rule when it comes to organising your desk: keep only what you need at arm's length. If you're not going to be reaching for an item whilst you're sat at your desk, then it can be stored away elsewhere. Your desk should only be home to a few key items: your computer/laptop, coffee mug and drinks mat, a pot of pens you actually use and maybe a singular notepad or stack of Post-It notes.
4. Clean your computer and keyboard
Speaking of Post-It notes, they are really handy for cleaning your office! Use the sticky side to run across your keyboard and pick up any crumbs or dust. When it comes to cleaning your computer screen, there are a few things to bear in mind. Turn off your monitor so you can easily see any marks or streaks. Then, use a microfiber cloth to get rid of any surface dust. Either buy a cleaning fluid specifically designed for monitors or stick with water. Don't be tempted to use window cleaner as it can leave nasty streaks! Also, remember to spray cleaner onto the cloth first rather than onto the monitor. Any drips can get behind the screen and damage the components.
5. Dust, clean and hoover the rest of the room
Now it's time to really roll your sleeves up. Start by dusting all surfaces, including the tops of picture frames and window sills. Then, use a suitable polish to buff up where you've just dusted. You can now finally hoover but make sure you always do this last! If you've got a laminated or tiled floor, you might wish to mop after you've hoovered for extra cleanliness.
6. Let it all air
Finally, you've made it to the end! It's time for the most satisfying part of cleaning. Open up the windows and let your clean room air out for a while. We also like to light a candle at this stage or spray some air freshener to really make the room feel lovely and clean! Now you can put your feet up with a glass of wine (or whatever you fancy) and enjoy the feeling of productivity.