Top Storage Tips According to Pinterest

Top Storage Tips According to Pinterest

Time to get organised!

It's officially Spring - we feel like we've been waiting forever. But now is the time to get serious. Have you done a spring clean yet? Are you prepared for summer and the warmer months (if we're going to get any...)? What are you most looking forward to? For us, spring is the perfect time to get the home organised and have a fresh start. In celebration of this, we thought we'd scour Pinterest for all the best storage tips out there. Then, we put them into this blog post to share with all of you! Keep reading to find out what we discovered and how you can become the domestic goddess you've always wanted to be.

Why do I need storage tips?

Once you've had your declutter and your spring clean, you'll want to make sure that everything stays nice. We recommend upping your storage game if you really want this year to be the best year for your home's organisation. Nailing good storage is actually really easy if you put your mind to it. What's more, it can make a world of difference, especially if you have a smaller home or lots of stuff you don't want to get rid of! We promise that spending some time creating great storage spaces for your home will make you life a lot easier... and give you peace of mind when looking for items that were previously chucked in any old corner. Good storage is about utilising spaces in an effective way and giving everything a dedicated home.

According to Pinterest...

So, why did we choose to look on Pinterest? Well, we all know that when it comes to all things homey, you can't go wrong on the app-based inspiration platform. Whether it's top-of-the-range kitchens or DIY decorations you're looking for, it's likely to be found on Pinterest. We took to the website and searched for some of our favourite storage tips.
1. Adding shelves to unused spaces
You can get really creative with this tip and there really are no boundaries. One of the most popular 'unused spaces' we found on Pinterest was the little bit of wall above a door that often gets forgotten about. You can used this space to your advantage! Install shelving above a door and you'll have the perfect nook to store your recipe books, old DVDs or other knick-knacks that you want to keep but don't need constant access to. You could also add shelving to unused corners - get creative with your DIY skills... We've also seen shelves inserted as a make-shift desk: perfect for those smaller spaces where you still need to work! Check out the mood board below for some exciting ways you can incorporate shelving into your home. [pinterest board="]
2. Be creative with the cupboard doors
You don't always need to spend money to create great solutions. This is one of our favourite storage tips... Sometimes, just looking around your home can spark creativity! The inside of cupboard doors is often forgotten about but it shouldn't go unused. For example, we found a cool example on Pinterest of someone using an old magazine holder as storage for their foil, cling film and greaseproof paper cartons. Simply stick the magazine holder to the inside of a kitchen cupboard and you've got yourself a space-saving solution for things that can often clog up draws. Attaching hooks to the inside of cupboards is another great way to save space. Use these hooks to store measuring spoons, utensils or even pens and pencils so you'll always know where to find these. According to one Pinterest user, paper towel holders work amazingly as belt storage!
3. Baskets are your new best friend
Yep, we said it. Baskets are one of the best solutions when it comes to storage for two main reasons: they keep clutter to a minimum and they look really pretty too. Say goodbye to the days of a busy bathroom counter or dressing table - baskets will store all your bits and pieces for you. Whether you want to keep your baskets on the side or on a shelf is up to you, however. Personally, we like the look of three or four baskets in a row, each with a different theme or purpose. For example, in the living room, you could have one for magazines, one for blankets and one for firewood. Sounds great, right? Well, it'll be much more aesthetically pleasing and much tidier than having all those things sprawled across the room. Check out the mood board below to see some of the other really fabulous ways you can use baskets around your home! [pinterest board=""]
4. Rolling storage is the key to organisation
Now, we know that sometimes storage is going to be about hiding things away that don't come out very often. Sure, you'll want to improve your storage of everyday items but you'll have much more peace of mind if your seasonal stuff is stored properly too. We recommend rolling storage! Basically, any containers on wheels are good. This way, you can keep items underneath furniture such as beds and sofas but have easy access to them when they're finally required. No more hurting yourself trying to reach on top of a wardrobe for that box of Christmas decks! Invest in some wheeled boxes and get a sufficient amount to fit under your beds, cabinets and even sofas. Who knows, you may even be able to keep your loft completely empty... now wouldn't that be an achievement?

Let us know your thoughts

We've only shared four of our very favourite Pinterest storage tips in this blog post. However, we're well aware that there are many more out there! As always, we'd love to hear from you to see what your best tips are for keeping the home organised and if you've tried and tested any of the ideas we mentioned today.