How to Store Rattan Furniture in Autumn and Winter

16th August 2018

How to store rattan furniture in autumn and winter

Unfortunately, the long hot British summer (are we really saying that?) is soon coming to an end. Whilst we'll be glad of some more comfortable nights, we'll definitely miss the everyday beer garden weather. But now the reality has settled in that autumn is just around the corner, it's time to get practical. We can't live in a heatwave bubble forever! If you're lucky enough to have a set of garden furniture, you might be wondering what to do with it in the colder months. First of all, your next step will depend on what type of rattan furniture you have. We'll go through the options you have, whether you own real wicker rattan or synthetic rattan furniture. Keep reading to discover what to do in preparation for autumn and winter!

Storing natural rattan: what to do

1. Start by cleaning your wicker furniture, preferably inside or on a dry day. The first thing you should do is vacuum the furniture with the brush attachment, getting rid of any dust or dirt particles. Then, use some tweezers or a toothbrush to remove trapped dirt in the smaller crevices. With real wicker, you should wash with caution. Carefully wipe down with a wet cloth and detergent, trying to avoid stripping any paint off.

2. Dry the furniture with a hairdryer on cold or a fan. Allowing it to dry naturally may take too long and can cause the rattan to go damp and eventually develop mould!

3. When it is clean and dry, it's time to store your real rattan set. You should allocate an appropriate space to store your beloved furniture, taking into consideration that any damp or warmer conditions may cause mould and mildew to grow. Now, that's something we definitely don't want! Bring it indoors into your conservatory, spare room or a well-protected shed or garage.

4. You should regularly check on your furniture throughout autumn and winter to ensure that it's still in good condition and hasn't been damaged.

Storing synthetic rattan: what to do

1. You should clean your rattan furniture after the summer season - it's probably seen some good use over these hot months! Read our comprehensive guide here that tells you how to clean artificial rattan. In a nutshell, you should use a stiff brush to remove any dirt and then vacuum. Clean with a solution of washing up liquid and warm water, using a soft cloth to work into the surfaces. Remember, artificial rattan is waterproof so you don't have to be overly careful. Rinse away when you're finished.

2. Now, it's time to dry the furniture. You'll be able to leave it out in the sun to dry, so try to pick a warm sunny day with little chance of rain. Allow the rattan to dry fully and completely before the next step.

3. It's up to you how much protection you think your set will need. If your garden has a permanent covering like a veranda or a patio roof, your furniture might be more protected from the elements. Synthetic rattan is weatherproof. However, we always recommend safely storing it away in winter so any extreme frost won't damage the rattan strands. At the very least, you should use a waterproof protective cover during the colder months.

4. Store your furniture away in a shed or suitable indoor space as the weather starts to get cooler. Regularly check up on your set to ensure that the quality is still the same and nothing has been damaged!

Better to be safe than sorry

Now you know how to store rattan furniture properly, you can sail into those colder seasons feeling confident. We always think it is better to be overprepared rather than underprepared - especially when it comes to garden furniture that you've spent a lot of money on! We've got plenty of articles bursting with tips and tricks so if you need any more advice on maintaining or buying furniture, check out our blog for more inspiration.


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