How to Style Fabric Dining Chairs at Home

How to Style Fabric Dining Chairs at Home

How to Style Fabric Dining Chairs at Home

Fabric dining chairs will never go out of style: they're timeless and super versatile. Essentially, these beautiful pieces of furniture are a classic in any family home. However, you may be wondering what the best way to style these chairs is. Whether you're a fan of cutting-edge contemporary design or your interiors are more traditional, fabric dining chairs will certainly look the part. All you need is a few simple tips to really make these gorgeous items stand out in your home! Keep reading to get clued up on how to nail the look.

Select a colour that's right for your home

You may find yourself getting excited about brighter colours and patterns when you first have a browse or look around the shops. However, when investing in a big purchase like dining chairs, it's worth being a little more careful and considerate. Will you get bored of brightly coloured chairs later down the line? We always tend to sell more neutral and simple shades so that our customers will love their choice for a long time to come. Not only that, but your new chairs are more likely to fit in with the rest of your interior design if they are in a neutral shade. Buy the Chelsea linen dining chair in biscuit here.

Select matching accessories and decor

Once you've decided on your perfect chair colour, it's time to get the room ready. We are massive fans of coordination in the home - the oldest trick in the interior design book. That's why we always recommend customers choosing accessories and decor that match their fabric dining chairs, to give that showroom finish. Looking at the example below, we can see cream dining chairs that look sublime with the cream crockery and table centrepieces. The designers of this particular setup have introduced a secondary colour into the mix in the form of turquoise. We love this idea and works particularly well with neutral fabric dining chairs. Buying a set of cream, beige or grey chairs? Why not add some accessories in the corresponding colour along with accents in pastel pink, gold or navy? It's also worth considering the artwork on your walls and any nearby rugs as these will contribute to the overall look and colour scheme

Use fabric dining chairs for extra purposes

You aren't stuck with using your chairs in the dining room. There are many ways to utilise these handy pieces of furniture! If you're hosting a party, you may be required to bring extra seating into the living room or elsewhere. Alternatively, purchasing just one of these beautifully upholstered chairs means you've now got seating for your dressing table or simply an exquisite bedroom chair. The possibilities are endless really, it's just up to you to get creative. When using our fabric dining chairs as occasional chairs, why not spruce them up with a small cushion and throw chucked over the back for that bohemian look?

How do you like to style your dining chairs?

As always, we'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions on styling fabric dining chairs in the home. Let us know in the comments how you make your chairs stand out in your dining room or elsewhere!