Take Inspiration from Tech Companies for Your Home Office

14th May 2018

Office design is important

In the world of work, design is fast becoming one of the most important aspects in an office. With technology advancements meaning we aren't tied to a desk, we can get more creative with the layout of our workspaces. It's not just the likes of tech companies and creative agencies who are harnessing the power of good design. Many more offices around the world are seeing the value of designing a space where people look forward to 9am.

Ergonomics just aren't enough anymore. You have to go beyond investing in comfortable chairs. Why? Because a stimulating and enriching environment can increase employee moral. In turn, this leads to a more productive work ethic and better colleague relationships. And who could say no to that?

Trends for the home office

Of course, we hold the strong belief that you should apply these tactics to your home office. Just because you don't have the budget or space of a corporate office, your office shouldn't be drab. We've done a little digging to find out the top trends for the home office this summer, so you can create a place worth working at, from the comfort of your own home! Bear in mind, we've taken some inspiration from larger workspaces but these can all be scaled down to suit your humble home office. And hopefully, you'll see the benefits too.

Room to recharge

Recently, we've seeing a lot of stress on the importance of recharging your batteries. We're all careful to make sure our wireless keyboards are left to charge at the end of the day, so why do we neglect our brains and bodies? Of course, in a 9-5 office setting, you leave at 5 and switch off at home. But working from home can make it seem impossible to fully recharge and forget about the day's tasks. You're still in the same building so it's like you remain in the same headspace. Let's take a leaf out of a tech company's book, here. Although employees leave these buildings at the end of the day, their respective employers understand how important it is for them to recharge throughout. Often, you'll find table tennis, pool tables, bean bags or a smart TV. These are just a few examples.

Now, we're not saying you should try and cram a pool table into your study. But if you're working hard, you should reward yourself with 'down-time' and take breaks to refresh your mind.

  • If you use the same computer for both work and play, try using different accounts to keep things, well, separate.
  • Try to keep work stuff in the office. Don't bring your laptop into the living room, no matter how tempting it might seem.
  • Go outside for some fresh air at lunch - it's not good to be cooped up all day!

Give yourself something to look at

Nowadays, offices are far from boring! Especially when it comes to state-of-the-art tech spaces. Companies cleverly use colour, plants and artwork to spruce up their buildings. Of course, we're not suggesting you hire a colour psychologist and fork out on expensive paintings! But liven things up a little. Paint a feature wall. Stick a houseplant or two somewhere. Create a pin-board of reminders, clippings and photographs. Don't neglect your home office - treat it with the same style and finesse as the other rooms in your house. After all, if your surroundings are pleasant to look at, they're going to be a lot nicer to work in. If it's possible, sit your desk opposite a window so that you can enjoy the view outside. And keep things tidy... there's nothing more of an eyesore than a messy office!

Show off your personality

One of the biggest features we've seen in tech offices is the use of personality. A company's uniqueness and brand identity can be seen throughout the decor, furniture choices and layout. And you can bring your personality into your home office in the same way. Choose items of furniture because you like them, not just because you think they're suitable for an office. Of course, it's important to be comfortable but don't shy away from showing your true colours in the name of 'professionalism'. Display photographs of friends and family and stick up your favourite band posters or album artwork. Framed vinyl is a great way to make an office more personal, as well as picking out your favourite mug and stationery. From the larger pieces to the tiny details, you'll really boost your happiness whilst working if you can look around the room and see your personality reflected.

Don't be afraid to mix up your styles

A common element of a really trendy office is the mash-up of old and new. Interior design experts say that mixing vintage with contemporary design can really bring a luxury and cosy feel to an office. We couldn't agree more. It's worth scouring charity shops or car-boot stalls for pre-loved pieces that will create a lived-in atmosphere. But don't be afraid to shop for new pieces either. The contrast of a modern furniture item against a backdrop of vintage is much sought-after in the design world.

  • Stack antique books on a modern bookshelf to fill the room up
  • Place contemporary accessories like a magazine holder on the edge of an old-fashioned desk
  • Use a mixture of current and past trends when picking out patterned cushions for your seating or artwork for the wall.
  • The contrast of a high-spec computer against an antique rug can look really classy and unique!
Halvard Wooden Desk and Bergen Dining Chair


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