The Best Garden Floodlights

9th September 2019

Flood lights can deter would-be criminals, help guide you to safety on a dark evening, and gently startle foxes and cats. The best flood lights for you depends on what your priority is:- power consumption, the lumens, motion sensor, or perhaps you are re-thinking your garden lighting.

To improve the quality of lives, the best LED floodlights should be bright, energy saving, durable and easy to use. Whether for security or statement lighting the best floodlights can do a lot for your perimeter.

Which Floodlights are Best for Your Garden?

Best for a large garden would be a flood light with a power consumption of 50W - Lumens 3,800 a motion sensor, energy efficient with an adjustable PIR sensor range. The Auraglow 50w LED PIR sensor security light will give the equivalent of 300w for just 50w of power consumption, so in energy terms you get a lot of brightness for your money. With 3,800 lumens, it is the second brightest option with 50,000 hours of life and 85 per cent saving it is a great all round option. The adjustable PIR (thats passive infrared) sensor range would allow you to choose how sensitive the light is to nearby movement, or it can be switched to a continuous mode for all night brightness and peace of mind. This style of security light is one of the best security lights you can purchase.

Steniel XLED Home 1

The Steinel XLED Home 1 Floodlight is an Eco-friendly floodlight.

A floodlight which consumes just 14.8w of power but still manages to put out 150w of halogen light.

A floodlight that has an Active Thermo Control System which keeps the light from overheating from its efforts even when left on all night, but if you prefer not to have the light on continuously there are lots of options for tailoring.

The light can be turned 180 degrees and tilted 120 degrees to create the perfect angle on a patio and pathway and the time and twilight threshold can be edited to exacting standards.

This type of floodlight is considered a good choice for patio lighting.

Ring Floodlight Cam

If you are looking for a full package, then a Ring Floodlight Cam may be the answer.

Widely considered to be one of the best security lights and camera available as it has a video security system, alarm and light all rolled into one.

This set up combines a ring smart doorbell which gives you a live feed from the front door. With two ultra-bright LED floodlights and a siren alarm, allowing you to see, hear and speak to visitors from your device, and deter unwanted ones when necessary.

Using the ring app you can get instant alerts from the motion sensor, set up the lights, zoom in, or even sound the alarm remotely.

For anyone concerned about intruders this is one of the best security lights you can purchase.

Lightaura LED Floodlight

With the option of changing colours, this is a light with many uses

The Lightaurora 15w LED floodlight, doesn’t come with a motion sensor but is an ideal floodlight to create feature lighting and a spotlight for the great outdoors.

This light is ideal to light up your pathway or porch at night, or add ambience for your garden gatherings.

This RGB LED floodlight has multiple colour and warmth options that create more of a welcome than the average LED floodlight.

LE 30w LED Floodlight

Versatile and highly adjustable. A great all-rounder for the home

The LE 30w LED motion sensor floodlight is considered best for versatility and adjusts everything for a tailored security lighting solution.

This LightingEver light lets you adjust the PIR sensitivity, illumination time after motion detection and light sensor sensitivity.

This is another good option for those who want to up their security settings to deter would-be intruders while on holiday. The 30w option isn’t the most powerful, but this is reflected in its price, and it is also available in 10 or 50w too.

The long-cited lifespan of 50,000 hours and IP65 water-resistant rating make it a low maintenance option and the ability to mount vertically or horizontally is a welcome inclusion.

As well as being considered one of the best outdoor floodlights it makes a great security light.

Hyperikon Pro LED

Powerful and versatile, the Hyperikon offers many benefits for larger areas.

A Hyperikon Pro LED light offers a premium floodlight solution for a sports field or a large outdoor area as it has a remarkable lighting efficiency of 1601m/W.

It is widely used for indoor basketball courts as well as outdoor football fields, or recreation areas. Three powers are available (200w, 500w, and 1000w).

The light has an effective distance of 40 feet which is suitable for a small to medium-sized backyard and perfect for lighting up a garage and driveway.

Its IP65 waterproof enhances the durability under adverse weather conditions. The brightness and duration can be customized when the security alert is triggered, as well as changing the sensitivity, and the projection angle is also adjustable.

LEDMO 50w floodlight

The LEDMO 50w floodlight has an outer shell of aluminium which gives IP65 waterproof function.

This floodlight is ideal for small outdoor areas because of its lower power of 50w. This product has a CE and harmful substance-free certification.

For the 50w LED model, it draws 3.5A under 12VDC power input. The 50w LED replaces 250w halogen floodlights which mean you can save 80% energy after switching to this LED light, and they produce the same brightness.

It is a well-known fact that burglaries increase after the clocks go back and the nights become darker, and it also makes a dark empty home easier to spot, so make sure you keep yours well lit in order to protect your home.

The easiest way to do this is to use smart lighting, which can be controlled using your smartphone, from any location. Smart lighting systems allow users to set schedules so there is no need to try and remember to turn lights on and off if you are away.

Many lighting systems come with a holiday mode built on which automatically reproduces the family lighting habits when you are away so that the home appears to be occupied. Smart doorbells also help with home security allowing you to communicate with whoever is at the door and will send you alerts when someone arrives.

Motion sensors in the garden can be programmed to sound an alarm and raise the garden lights if they are triggered by an unexpected visitor. It is important to set the level of motion to an appropriate level for your home and garden as it can become rather annoying if the sensor is triggered every time a stray cat wanders on to your property.

What is a Lumen?

What is the difference between it and a Watt ?

Lighting is all about Lumens. Lumens is now the way to find out how bright a lighted bulb or integrated LED lighting fixture is. And if you need a fixture with a bright luminous personality, its the key to choosing the perfect piece for your lighting scheme.

In short:- Lumens equals brightness and watts do not. Not that watts are bad, but they measure energy use, not light output.

With new energy-efficient LED technology we can no longer rely upon wattage to indicate how bright a bulb is.

How many Lumens do you need?

More Lumens = more light.

Lumens Vs Watts: Output and wattages based on most common products available for each medium screw-based light bulb. Actual light output may vary by product.

CFLs and LEDs use much fewer watts than incandescents with the same brightness.

As a rule, you’ll replace a standard 75-watt bulb with an energy-saving bulb of about 1100 lumens. On the low end, replace a 40-watt bulb with an energy-saving bulb of about 450 lumens. Rely on new bulb labelling standards to show lumen output and help you choose the right brightness for your needs.

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