23 Things That Every Garden Should Have

23 Things That Every Garden Should Have

If you are new to gardening or perhaps you have just moved into a new house and are ready to begin the exciting adventure of creating your own special outdoor space, then you will need to start your collection of useful and handy garden tools.

Gardening Tools

  • Gardening Gloves To start of your collection choose a pair of gardening gloves, whilst gardening can become a favourite hobby it can have a drastic effect on your hands, so begin by choosing a good strong pair , they should be durable but not bulky, a fabric which is water-resistant but also breathable and will keep hands cool and comfortable.
  • Pruning shears Also called Secateurs or a pair of Loppers which are long-handled pruners useful for trimming hard to reach areas.
  • A Garden Fork Used for turning the soil and will dig into dense soil better than a spade
  • Hand Trowel Essential for planting bedding plants.
  • Spade Used to dig holes, stainless steel heads are strong and won’t rus.
  • Rake For when the leaves are falling from the trees, steel heads are stronger.
  • Hoe Depending on what type of garden you have as to whether you need a hoe, useful for weeding and turning the soil in vegetable gardens.
  • Garden Hose With an adjustable nozzle.
  • Wheelbarrow Complete your collection of garden tools with a wheelbarrow and a watering can, and you are all set to go !!

Garden Furniture

Garden furniture can add style and transform your outside area into additional living space and create a focal point allowing you to make the most of the summer months in comfort, be it a table and chair set to enable you to enjoy al fresco dining and enjoy your evening meal outdoors or an area to entertain family and friends. A popular choice of outdoor furniture is synthetic Rattan, which is weatherproof and can, therefore, be left outdoors ready for use. Sets are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, small table and chairs ideal for two people or a large dining table and chair set to seat up to 10 or 12 people.

Outdoor sofa sets are also available if you want to create an outdoor area suitable for complete relaxation, rattan furniture can be added to as and when you need more seating. Rattan dining sets, a table and two chairs create the perfect place to put your food and drinks on, or to sit and enjoy a cool glass of wine on a summer evening. Bistro sets are often made from wrought iron, but modern sets can be made from UV stabilised PVC making them strong, rustproof and easy to move around your garden.

Garden Parasol

The addition of a garden parasol to your garden furniture will give you the opportunity to enjoy spending time outside even during the heat of the day as the parasol will protect you from UV rays, and will also protect you from a sudden light shower of rain. Create a shady spot with a freestanding parasol, a romantic corner with a bistro set, or a luxurious lounge space with a rattan sun lounger. A cantilever parasol can be moved around the garden to protect you from the sun as it moves around during the day, easy to open and put down, with a built-in crank mechanism. The precision freestanding design has no central base and can be placed anywhere, perfect for shading your dining area, BBQ or even the children’s play area.

Gazebo / Party Tent

Ideal for entertaining family or friends, and as our weather can be unpredictable they are ideal for protecting a buffet table. Designed to keep you and your party guests protected from any sudden shower, or protection from direct sunlight. A PVC coated canopy over a sturdy frame produced in powder-coated steel, making it strong, durable and rust-resistant.

Sun Lounger

Why not treat yourself to a sun lounger and enjoy creating a relaxing space, to read a book or enjoy a glass of wine and enjoying our long summer days.

Hot Tub

Hot tubs create time for what matters, whether that is relaxing and unwinding or completing an exhilarating workout !! One of the biggest treats you can allow yourself to enjoy in your garden, and it is amazing as it can be used every day and enjoyed all year round. They are ergonomically crafted to work alongside your natural shape, enjoy a hot tub massage experience, powerful jets massage and relax you in the warm soothing water. Provide a strong message to ease aching muscles, as active jet patterns are designed to work vital muscle groups of the body, legs and back. Hot tubs are not only a luxurious treat they can offer aid for sufferers of arthritis, rheumatism, sciatica, aching joints, back pain, fatigue, insomnia, circulation, stress, muscular pain, stiffness, cramps and tension. Using a hot tub is simple and sophisticated.


Choosing a greenhouse for your garden is an exciting adventure, and then choose what you are going to grow. There is nothing nicer than being able to pop outside and pick vegetables that you have grown, when you need them. Choose the area of the garden you are going to have your greenhouse, have a base laid, slightly bigger than the greenhouse, choose your greenhouse from the many sizes and styles available, and start to plan … vegetables or flowers, or perhaps both.


If your garden is made up of lawns you will obviously need to purchase a lawn mower. Depending on the size of your garden there are many sizes and styles to choose from:- Cordless, Flymo petrol, Petrol push, Hand push cylinder, Self-propelled petrol rotary to name but a few. There is now available a Robotic lawnmower, ideal for nice looking lawns with its mulching system this compact tool ensures even distribution of grass clippings ensuring a good fertilisation effect and a healthy lawn. Effortless and Autonomous operation. For a larger garden, a ride on mower might be your choice, an ideal solution to keep your lawns looking their best.

Garden Shed

A garden shed is a well-loved tradition, providing storage for garden equipment or for the family’s bikes, or for workshop space. Sheds are available in a range of styles and sizes and can be left in there original colour or create a wonderful feature by painting it in a colour to compliment your garden. Add workbenches and shelves to create a functional workspace, or an appealing place to potter or to just ‘escape to’.

Summer House

A Summer house or garden room is ideal if you are looking for a beautiful outdoor living space. They are a perfect solution for leisure and work activities and can be used as an extension of the home, an outside dining room or a room for entertaining family and friends, or can even be designed as a poolside changing room. A summerhouse or garden room will give you many years of enjoyment.

Outdoor Lights

Add a touch of class , create a magical ambience, and increase your home’s security with outdoor lighting. Enjoy a drink with friends on a warm evening. A good reason for outdoor lighting is to make your garden useable and attractive after dark and also give your property a sense of security. Outdoor wall lights are perfect for places where light is needed such as steps and pathways, helping to make your garden safe when daylight is fading, and adding decking lights will allow you to make the most of your outdoor area. Create a magical entertaining area with garden lanterns, outdoor candles and festoon lights.

If you wish to create a summer soiree setting solar lanterns will create an atmospheric feeling, they can be placed anywhere in your garden or on your patio and soak up the sun’s rays during the day and shine brightly after the sunsets. Garden and outdoor lighting will add to the security of your home, nothing works better than security lights which suddenly light up when detecting any movements, to deter would-be intruders.

Fire Pits & Chimineas

Why not invite your friends round for an outdoor evening party and provide a warm and welcoming focal point with the beauty of living flames in your garden. Create your very own log fire outdoors for everyone to enjoy. Depending on the size of your outdoor area, choose either a small chiminea or a large fire pit, they will both create the same effect. Stock up on firelighters, kindling and Woodhead logs and you are ready to go.

Patio Heaters

If you prefer a contemporary heater to keep your guests warm, then why not opt for an electric patio heater. Environmentally friendly, infrared technology with no emissions or fumes, they will give immediate heat where needed, and only heat people and objects not the air.


No garden or outdoor area is complete without a BBQ. Gas or charcoal that is the question?? Numerous sizes and designs are on offer, both have their merits depending on whether you prefer the smell of charcoal burning or whether you prefer the simplicity of a gas BBQ. Cook and dine outdoors, simple sausages and burgers smell and taste delicious when cooked on a BBQ.

Children's Play Equipment

If you have children or grandchildren who will be visiting your garden, then keeping them entertained is imperative. Do you prefer a simple garden swing and seesaw, and perhaps some ball games like football, cricket or tennis? Or if you have space you could choose a trampoline (many a grown-up has been known to try these out). Choose between the traditional trampoline or perhaps have one set into the ground so that no-one will fall off. Many an hour has been spent by little children enjoying a sandpit or a paddling pool. Enjoy creating your own individual outdoor space and continue to add to your collection of garden items.