Our Top Tips for Maintaining Your Rattan Furniture This Summer

Summer's coming...

So, now it's officially June, does that mean summer is on its way? It sure does. And with this glorious spring weather we've been having, we've got high hopes. If the sun and heat hold out, we're hoping we'll be able to sit out in our gardens as much as possible for the next few months. There's nothing nicer than relaxing on an outdoor lounge sit with a glass of wine... Okay, let's get back to the reason we're writing this post. Rattan furniture sets are known for their durability and resilience. However, this doesn't mean they should just be left to their own devices. As a proud rattan owner, you should know the best ways to stay on top of your garden furniture's maintenance. Here are our top tips to see you through the summer!

Top tips for rattan furniture maintenance

Want to keep your garden furniture looking tip-top and good as new? Then look no further. We've rounded up all our expertise and knowledge to bring you the easiest but most important tips to remember this summer.
1. Prepare for those summer showers
As much as we're loving the sun at the moment, we know there could be a downpour at any moment. It's the way of life here in Britain! So, that means you need to be prepared. Dedicate somewhere that you can store you rattan furniture in really bad weather. Of course, synthetic rattan generally is waterproof so if there's just a light shower, you only need to store the fabric cushions. Unlike rattan, the fabric can easily become damp and ruined.
2. Protect the furniture legs
It's easy to forget about the legs of your furniture if you're focusing heavily on the more obvious appearance of the rattan. Be careful though, the rattan can easily split if the legs are damaged by the patio or floor underneath. To prevent this, use rubber stoppers to create a simple but effective barrier.
3. Do a light clean regularly
Keep your furniture looking good as new by giving it a light clean every couple of weeks or so. Use a gentle solution of dishwashing soap and warm water but only carefully skim the suds across the furniture. You don't want the furniture to get too wet - this is especially important if you have real rattan furniture. If there is dirt or dust in smaller corners, use a toothbrush to get at it. Wipe with a dry towel or cloth then leave to dry completely in the sun.
4. Complete an annual deep clean
Every year, perhaps when you take your furniture out of storage for the summer season, you should do a deep clean. Use detergent and warm water again, but this time with a more concentrated solution. Really scrub the furniture with the solution and then let it dry naturally in the sun or use a hairdryer. However, it's probably best to choose a sunny day to do this! You can then apply a layer of varnish or shellac to give a shiny finish that will last for the rest of the year.