How to Transform Your Home Office into a Pinterest-Worthy Space

How to Transform Your Home Office into a Pinterest-Worthy Space

Creating a Pinterest-Worthy home office

Ah, the home office. The space that should be neat and organised but tends to slip into a confused chaos shortly after the new year has begun and we're all back to work. It can be quite easy to forget about your workspace at home, especially if you venture out to your 9-5. When you're doing up the house and splashing a lick of paint around, it's likely that the office is the last room to be treated. Well, we're about to get you inspired all over again. Get ready for your home office to become your new haven.

Pinterest inspiration

If there's anywhere that can get you all ready for a spot of DIY, it's Pinterest. Yep, it's our favourite source of inspo here at Lakeland Furniture. So, to get you started on your home office transformation, we thought we'd create a collection of the best mood boards to get you inspired. Mood board: 'home offices' User: Hausmause [pinterest board=""] If there's a moodboard out there that defines 'Pinterest Office' - this is it. User Hausmause seems to have a love of greenery and wall artwork. We can't say we blame her! One thing to take away from this board is that lots of stuff can look really nice... if it's meaningful. Collecting token items and presenting them in your home office will make your work seem less dull and let your personality shine through. Mood board: 'HOME | WORKSPACE' User: Nasti [pinterest board=""] A lot of Nasti's inspiration comes from the notion that you don't need to have a dedicated room to have a gorgeous home office. Take an unused nook of your living room or bedroom to create extra depth and add multifunctionality. It'll also make working at home feel a lot more chilled - just don't get too distracted by the TV or wandering members of the household! Mood board: 'Home Office Inspiration' User: Karen Unfug [pinterest board=""] Karen Unfug takes a more minimalist approach to office inspiration, as we can see on this mood board. There are still plenty of Pinterest-typical features like the wire display boards and floating shelves. Hey, we can even spot some of our chairs in this one... can you? Hint: look for the Bergen and its armrest counterpart. This board places focus on beautiful pieces of furniture and monochrome colour palettes. We like this idea as it'll help you to clear your head and focus on your latest project.

Feeling inspired?

We've got plenty of items that we'd deem 'Pinterest-worthy'. Check our Halvard office desk for Scandi cool or the Cube boardroom chair for some contemporary styling.