Trends for Outdoor Living: Summer 2018

Trends for Outdoor Living: Summer 2018

Outdoor living this summer

Now, we may be getting ahead of ourselves but we just can't stop thinking about summer. Pimms cocktails... a sizzling BBQ and the smell of freshly cut grass - yep, we're pretty excited for the outdoor season. Whether you're a lover of the sun or not, you can't deny that outdoor living has become a style obsession for interior enthusiasts and design magazines. Once upon a time, we were happy with neat borders and a freshly mown lawn. Throw a few plastic chairs outside and you're good to go! But not anymore. Outdoor living has been dedicated an entire section if its own on blogs, in magazines and in retail. Granted, there's always been a market for garden furniture but never on this scale. Creating a stylish garden is now just as important as revamping your indoor spaces!

The latest trends

Whilst stylish garden furniture has been growing in popularity over the past decade or so, it's not until the past year that we've really seen a rise in what we now know as outdoor living. The clue's in the name, really. Outdoor living is a trend that refers to making your garden a proper space for entertaining, relaxing and eating. Basically, it means bringing your home into your garden! Some people choose to build an entire structure to house their outdoor furniture, whilst others stick with decking or other specialist flooring. Either way, outdoor living is not going anywhere! Within this particular sphere, we've noticed some trends that you might want to consider when setting up your garden for this summer. Keep reading to find out the latest features that are must-haves for all interior and exterior style enthusiasts. [caption id="attachment_1429" align="alignnone" width="840"] Our Granada rattan furniture dining set[/caption]
1. Peaceful al fresco dining
Although it's pretty common to keep your outdoor dining space close to the back of the house, we sense a change in trend coming. Yes, the current norm is practical as it means you can easily carry dishes and drinks from the kitchen to your table. However, we've noticed a trend in more secluded dining areas further back in the garden. This creates more of a festival/oasis vibe and might mean less people tramping through your house! We recommend investing in ice buckets to store drinks and nominating one or two people at most to fetch things from the house.
2. Smart technology
Like anything in the home, trends are now starting to seep to the outdoors. We've seen a massive rise in the release and use of smart technology in homes around the globe. Now, it's time to take this tech outside! Using a smart Bluetooth speaker means your evenings in the garden can be soundtracked. No more extension cables or running indoors to change a track. You can also invest in smart LED lightbulbs to create an ambient atmosphere - and of course, change it up depending on the mood!
3. Add a pop of colour
Although we are big fans of a neutral colour scheme, especially in the garden, all roads lead to a more colourful garden this year! Adding in splashes of bright, fun colour will not only make your outdoor space a happier place to be, but it adds an extra layer of visual playfulness to show you've really thought about your exterior. Whether you add a lick of paint to your benches or fill your outdoor sofa with bright, patterned cushions and throws, you can really have fun with this trend!
4. Water features
Whilst water features have also played an essential role in the high-end gardens at five star hotels, they're now becoming a more common part of the average domestic garden. We absolutely love water features - they're relaxing, stylish and a real talking point. You can now buy relatively affordable water features from your local homeware store, but you can also get creative and make your own! For DIY garden tips, be sure to check out one of our previous blog posts, including a bohemian water feature that won't cost you a penny.

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