How to Turn Your Bar Stools Into a Feature of Your Kitchen

24th August 2018

How to Turn Your Bar Stools Into a Feature of Your Kitchen

If you're reading this, you've probably got a set of bar stools or you're planning on buying some soon. Either way, you'll want to make sure that you're using them to their absolute fullest potential. And this doesn't always mean throwing as many cocktail parties as you can! Although, we don't think that's necessarily a bad idea. If you want your bar stools to be a good investment and add something to your home, it's worth considering how to turn them into a feature. Keep reading to find out the best ways to maximise your bar stools and keep them looking showhome-worthy.

1. Maintain and clean regularly

It's a no-brainer, right? Maintaining your bar stools to a high standard and regularly cleaning them is one of the best ways to make them a stand-out feature. Of course, this goes for anything in the home! But maintenance is massively important to bar stools, presuming you'll be using them a lot and potentially wearing them down. Read our all-bases-covered guide to cleaning your stools and ensure that you're clued up. You should also check the mechanism if your stools have a gas lift to keep things ticking over! A quick dust, polish and check will keep them looking smart for a long time to come.

2. Keep the stools at even height and space

To keep things aesthetically-pleasing, you should rely on a bit of maths. After all, all good design makes use of some logical thinking. Keep your bar stools an equal space apart at all times and position them properly when they've been moved. This will make sure your stools look like a beautiful feature in your kitchen and not just an afterthought for somewhere to sit. You should also make sure the height of the stools is equal, adjusting after they've been used. Naturally, this symmetry will add to the overall look of your kitchen's interior design.

Why not add embellished cushions to your bar stools to make them stand out even more?

3. Be careful when using them

Don't let the fun of a 360 swivel ruin your beautiful bar stools. We're mainly talking to those of you with kids, here. Although the novelty will soon wear off, a few spins on a stool can really damage its exterior. If your breakfast bar or counter comes into contact with the stool, swivelling about on it will only cause marks, scratches and scuffs. Not good! If you want your stools to look showhome-ready at all times, we recommend being extra careful when sitting on them and turning around. Also, never stand on your bar stools or use them as a step, they aren't as stable as you might think! Although they're comfortable to sit on, it's unlikely they'll regularly bear your entire body weight and feet every time you want to reach something from the top cupboard. It's better to be safe than sorry, of course.

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