The Ultimate Dining Chair Buying Guide: What to Consider

The ultimate dining chair buying guide

We've not done a buying guide for quite some time, so we thought it was only right. Remember our bar stool guide from last year? Considering autumn and winter are the seasons for getting together indoors, you'll hopefully find this one pretty handy. With Christmas coming up, you can get your seating arrangements sorted in no time - browse our current collection of dining chairs here. Here's what you should consider before making a purchase and updating your dining room.

Take note and answer these questions...

We've put together this dining chair buying guide for your convenience. And we thought the easiest way for you to digest the information would be in short and sweet questions. Keep scrolling to answer them and figure out which dining chairs are going to be best for you!

Why are you buying dining chairs?

Obviously, this is a very important question and the first one you should ask yourself. If you're moving house and didn't previously have a dining room, then this is a new and exciting purchase but you want to get it right. Perhaps you're simply buying some spares for when family come over. Either way, figuring out the main reason you need dining chairs will help you to answer the next few questions sensibly and practically.

What is your current interior design situation?

When buying any furniture, you're naturally going to wonder how it will look in your home. Unless interior design really isn't that important to you, it's totally normal to worry about how a new piece will fit into your current interior design. If you're into your monochrome, black dining chairs are really easy to come across. Grey is also a popular interior colour that's easy to source; we've got plenty of lovely grey dining chairs. For those who love all things velvet, consider a set of velvet dining chairs to make your interior dream a reality. Here are the other categories of dining chairs that we offer - which ones would match your dining room's design best?

How much space do you have?

Of course, you should always check the measurements before buying any piece of furniture. This is especially important with dining chairs as it's likely you'll need them to fit around your dining table! If you don't already have a dining table, take a look at our collection to see if anything takes your fancy. Once you know how much room your dining table takes up, figure out how much space you'll have left over for your dining chairs. If your table is big and bulky, smaller dainty chairs (like this) might work best. On the other hand, if your dining room is on the larger side, you could get away with large, grand dining chairs (like this). When sitting at a table, the average person will need around 15cm in between themselves and the next seat along. Consider this when deciding on the space you actually have for your dining chairs!
Top tip: If you're buying chairs for the kitchen, plastic usually works best due to potential food spillages. On the other hand, fabric dining chairs work best in a dining room.

How many chairs will you need?

Once you've considered the space, you'll be able to think about how many dining chairs you should actually order. This is crucial! If you have a large family that regularly eats around the table, ordering two just isn't going to cut it. Likewise, if you're on a budget and rarely have guests, buying a large set of chairs will probably be a waste of money. Again, think about the dining table and space you have - a large dining table will need feeling up with four to six chairs. Alternatively, two chairs will fit around a small cafe-style table in the kitchen. Did you find our dining chair buying guide useful? Let us know in the comments if you've decided to treat yourself to some new chairs lately - we'd love to hear from you.