Why We Love Rattan Sofa Sets (And You Should Too!)

Why We Love Rattan Sofa Sets (And You Should Too!)
It's that time of year again - the sun is showing! Okay, so we have had an unexpected downfall of snow but we're pretty sure that spring will break through the clouds soon. We've recently spent a lot of time dedicating our blog to outdoor furniture to prepare you in time for the warmer months. You can discover how to pick the right rattan sofa set for you or how to restore your synthetic rattan if it starts to fade. There's a whole host of articles to help you get the most out of your rattan furniture this year - just check out the rest of our blog. However, today, we're talking about all the great things that rattan sofa sets have to offer. There are plenty of reasons to choose synthetic rattan, which is what all of our garden furniture is made from. But what are the benefits of a sofa set for your garden? Well, look no further. Let's discuss why we love rattan sofa sets (and you should too).

1. They are easily customisable

All of our garden furniture sets are entirely modular. This means that the pieces can be separated and moved around to suit your space and needs. The actual sofas themselves, obviously, cannot be separated. However, our corner sofas come with a variety of ottomans, stools and corner pieces which you can switch up to your heart's content.

2. Sofa sets are perfect for family life

Essentially, when you buy a rattan sofa set, you're buying an outdoor living room! Our sofa sets, in particular, are great for adding an extra layer to your garden. This is great for families as it means there's more reason to spend time together, especially when it's warm outside. Children and adults alike will enjoy using a sofa set whether it's for sitting down to enjoy an afternoon barbecue or lounging about on a sunny weekend. It also means the adults have somewhere nice to sit and natter whilst keeping an eye on the kids playing - best of both worlds! torino rattan sofa set brown

3. They are great for entertaining

If time with the family isn't enough, you might like to throw a few garden parties every now and then. Whether it's a barbecue, al fresco lunch or a sports celebration, your sofa set will be an amazing asset. Not only will you be the envy of your guests but you'll also be known as a top host too! Having somewhere comfortable to sit when you're at an outdoor party (or any party, for that matter) can really make a world of difference. And what could be better than a cushioned sofa to lounge on?

4. Sofa sets are a comfortable alternative to benches

Speaking of comfort, there's another great reason we love our rattan sofa sets. They come with weatherproof cushions included so you don't even have to worry about purchasing any additional items. Benches are often found in British gardens but we recognise they're not the most comfortable. That's why we always think rattan sofa sets can make a garden extra special - that level of luxury is not found in your standard garden furniture!

5. They are durable

As we just briefly mentioned, you'll get cushions included with your sofa set from us and they are, yes, weatherproof! However, it's also important to remember that our synthetic rattan is also weatherproof so the sofa set's structure will be a durable addition to your garden. Have a read of this blog post which goes a little more in-depth about the durability of rattan. And not only do you need to consider bad weather but also spilt drinks. If you're going to be hosting outdoor parties then chances are someone will make a mess at some point. However, our rattan is easy to clean and wipe down. Check out how to clean synthetic rattan here. So, there you have it. Some of our top reasons to love rattan sofa sets! If we've convinced you that outdoor sofas are pretty much the best thing about spring, then why not check out our collection to see if something suits you? We have plenty of choices so if you're stuck then we can't blame you. Have a read of our guide to purchasing a sofa set and which one is right for you.