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Cantilever Parasols

Cantilever Parasols can transform your garden or patio into the perfect outdoor entertaining space.

Cantilevers provide excellent shade while you are enjoying your garden. They are unique in their design as they do not have a standard pole that would go through the middle of a table or require a weighted pole stand. Cantilever are designed so that they are positioned to hang over garden furniture or garden sofa sets without a pole and parasol base weight getting in the way.

They do however require a substantial weighted base or can be screwed into decking as this will act as a counterweight for the overhanging parasol that provides the shade from the sun.

Cantilevers are often called by different names such as Hanging or Banana Umbrellas. Whatever the name the parasols provide excellent shade for furniture that does not have the ability to support a parasol such as benches, sun loungers and garden sofa sets.

They are also great for proving shade for barbeques, positioning over a hammock for a lazy day or protecting little ones while they play outside.

A cantilever parasol offers something different to your garden, as well as more flexibility to make sure you are fully protected from the worst of the heat or glare at all times.

Without using a central pole the upright can be placed against a wall or bush leaving your garden or patio space open and obstruction free. Deciding what kind of parasol you need for your garden or patio isn’t always simple as the array of names for the same thing can be confusing. We have put together a few tips on what you should look for to find the best cantilever parasol to suit your outdoor space. Read more

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Cantilever parasols at Lakeland Furniture

How to pick the Cantilever parasols:

Cantilever parasols are an important part of the lawn. They come in a wide range of sizes, styles, weights, shapes, and structures. On the off chance that you've at any point bought a Cantilever parasols, you realise that you're in for an amazement. Similarly, putting resources into a quality cantilever parasols needs great consideration as it is not only the money you are spending but you are also going to change the look of your lawn. Lakeland furniture is gladly offering you the guide to buying cantilever parasols and you can also buy great quality cantilever parasols from Lakeland furniture.

To make sure you're not unsatisfied with your next cantilever parasols, look at this thorough cantilever parasols Buyers Guide that will show you everything about garden parasols!

At the point when your open air space needs trees and shade, the least difficult and most moderate arrangement is purchasing cantilever parasols. Amazingly, obtaining a cantilever parasols for your porch isn't that simple in the event that you don't have the vaguest idea about the particular delicate elements that would best suit your porch. Here is a couple of things that you ought to remember while picking the cantilever parasols.


In picking your cantilever parasols for your yard, you ought to consider where it is set to guarantee that its purpose of shading could be served.

The place of the cantilever parasols is imperative. There are two classifications of the places of the umbrella: through table and side stand. Detached umbrellas are utilised as a part of wide open air areas. It could shade various types of yard furniture of any size and shape depending on your liking. A through-table umbrella is essentially set in the focal point of the porch table and is normally utilised as a point of conjunction of the outside zone.

Cantilever Parasols Stand:

This is the support of your cantilever parasols. The stand would depend in light of how you mean to utilise it. In picking the standard base of cantilever parasols, you ought to consider the requirement that it could survive any climate. Unattached cantilever parasols require heavier bases than through-table umbrellas.

Cantilever Parasol Size:

The size of cantilever parasols would be controlled by measuring its width. In picking the correct size of cantilever parasols, make a point to measure the table, seats, or space to be shaded. The essential lead in determining the measurement is that the cantilever parasols ought to be no less than 4 to 5 feet bigger than the expected area to be secured.

Cantilever Parasols Frames:

There are two sorts of frames available to look over - metal and wood cantilever parasol frames. Choosing the frame would rely on upon how you expect to utilise the cantilever parasol and which would match the theme of your porch. Metal umbrellas utilise push-catch tilts or a wrench lift. This lets the cantilever parasols to be designed toward any route. Most metal cantilever parasols could be obtained with coloured outfits like dark, champagne, or white. A wooden cantilever parasol is generally opened physically by utilising a pulley technique and couldn't be turned. Hardwood and teak are the most widely recognised wooden umbrellas in stores.

Tilt Methods:

There are three strategies in tilting the cantilever parasol - neckline tilt, wrench tilt and push-catch. The neckline tilt technique is the most well-known and easy to understand. The umbrella tilts when you spindle the neckline situated on the casing.

Materials of cantilever parasols:

The primary drive behind your cantilever parasol is to obstruct the sun rays. This reason would succeed depending upon the materials of your cantilever parasol. The most well-known materials utilised are PVC, canvas and shade fabric. A PVC covering could square 100% UV light and could survive the very bad climate. Canvas shades are the tough texture that stops the sun adequately. It is not water safe when obtained but rather it could be dealt with for your shade to be waterproof. Shade fabric stops 90-95% UV beams. It could face little rain, yet is not so much waterproof.

Sorts of cantilever parasols:

Center pole

The centrally polled is the most well-known sort of cantilever parasol. It is supported by a central shaft. The ribs of the umbrella spread out from its pole. It is practical to put an inside pole umbrella into a strong and big base.

Crank and tilt:

The wrench and tilt configuration is much like the inside shaft, yet it is known to have a wrench gadget between the pole and shade which permits you to turn the direction of the cantilever parasol. This sort of cantilever parasol is best for big open air areas since it empowers you to block the sun in any direction.

Pavilion Parasol:

A structure is a square-shaded shape that is supported at its each corner. This sort of umbrella is utilised for a wide open air space that could shade the whole family. Most structures are utilised as a part of beaches.

Cantilever parasol:

The cantilever parasol hangs to the side of its edge. Its bent arm strengthens just a single end. This sort of shade umbrella is appropriate for huge territories with dining sets underneath the umbrella or swimming pools next to the yard furniture since it could be turned 360 degrees. Its shade could be situated wherever it is required.

The cantilevers parasol is ideal for any space of furniture or situation that won't take into consideration a conventional parasol which regularly fits through the central point of a table. They can best option as cantilevers parasol can be put beside your furniture set and still give all of you the required security with sunlight upon you and your visitors.

A cantilevers parasol not just let you to give an amazing appearance to your garden however it surely gives wide shadow to the individuals who sit under it. You may have officially some porch furniture, for example, work area, seats, tables, or lights and your cantilevers parasol is viably covering them. Also, obviously, there are your children! They might truly want to play outside under your cantilevers parasol. When you select a good cantilever yard umbrellas for your garden, you make a greater space for your children and pets. It is always superb to see your children and pets having pleasant time out in the fine light while shielding them from unsafe UV beams.

Shades! Indeed, shades are in abundance out there. Be it must to be your own taste which tells you to get the correct shading for your cantilevers parasol. Amazingly, you are presented to a universe of cantilevers parasol colours that are eye soothing. It is possible that you can go for multicolour stripes, or excessive covering or you can pick a single shading for you cantilevers parasol. The shapes too are amazing. There are round, square, oval, octagonal, and triangle formed umbrellas. A standard highlight of most parasols these days is air vents in the highest point of the overhang which stops it shaking or toppling over because of wind. Lakeland furniture is offering all the kinds of cantilevers parasol for your home with a huge range of designs.

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