Adding a Touch of Scandi Cool to Your Office

Adding a Touch of Scandi Cool to Your Office

Styling up your home office

Here at Lakeland Furniture, we're big believers that the home office should be a place of productivity and comfort. Working from home or simply typing up loose ends of life admin should be an enjoyable experience and creating the perfect home office can help with this. The great thing about styling your office is that, often, there are fewer pieces of furniture to worry about. Doing up the kitchen or the living room can be a big job due to the sheer amount of stuff they can hold. On the other hand, your study is usually a lot less jam-packed. If it is pretty chaotic, however, giving the place a style re-vamp is a great opportunity to declutter.

Scandinavian style

Of course, there are plenty of ways you can style any room in your home. However, we are big fans of Scandi cool which has remained very trendy for the past couple of years. We don't see this fashion going away anytime soon so we thought we'd give you some tips on injecting a bit of Danish, Swedish and Nordic style into your home. Like we said, the office can be one of the most straightforward rooms to transform - all you really need to think about are the desk and chair! And perhaps some little decorative details if you so desire.

Desks and chairs for the stylish homeowner

We particularly love this Halvard office desk in wood and white colourway. It's currently priced at £169.99 so make sure you take advantage of this deal if it takes your fancy. This desk is sure to add a contemporary twist to any sad, dull office. It comes with three built-in draws for extra storage and what's more, it looks fantastic with many of the chairs in our range! So, if you're lusting over the chair that we've paired with the desk, we've answered your prayers. The Bergen white plastic dining chair with beech legs is available for £39.99. That means you can get the whole desk & chair combo in the image above for little over £200. Now, that's not a deal we think you should be able to resist... If this chair hasn't piqued your interest than perhaps we can excite you with some other options. For an even more modern feel, how about the Nova plastic chair in light grey? Its chrome frame brings that ultra-contemporary look for the perfect crossover of Scandinavian and industrial. We love! Bear in mind, the Nova is available in a whole range of beautiful colours. Simply navigate the colour picker to the right of the product page. Maybe you're looking for something on the softer side? If you sit at your desk for long periods of time you may wish to go for something with more padding and therefore something that's going to be more comfortable. You may also be a fan of a less harsh look and prefer rounder shapes. Our Stockholm chairs are perfect for that and you can't get a more Scandinavian name! These are four of our favourite colours for the Stockholm but you can also pick a solid black shade, too. Don't say we don't give you plenty of choices!

Extra inspiration

Now, we know that sometimes finding inspiration for a new style may take a little more than adding new bits of furniture. So, we took to Pinterest to see if we could find some mood boards that might help you to transform your office into something straight out of Denmark! [pinterest board=""] This board from user Monat is full of little ideas that can really add extra detail and class to your new Scandi-inspired office space. Think houseplants, minimalistic artwork and geometric storage solutions. We love the neutral colour scheme, too. Very on trend!