How to Adjust An Office Chair for Maximum Comfort

How to Adjust An Office Chair for Maximum Comfort

"I want to know how to adjust my office chair!"

This is a question we hear a lot. From both family and friends, as well as customers. In today's blog post, we're going to try and answer it as effectively as we can. Remember, many office chairs are different and so they may adjust in different ways. The important thing is that you are as comfortable as possible whilst you're working. Comfort and happiness = productivity! So, if you're looking for the best way to adjust an office chair, look no further. Let's get started.

How to adjust an office chair without a gas lift or tilt

Not everyone will have a chair in their office that is fully adjustable. However, you can still change the way you are sat to make yourself feel more comfortable. Our guide on how to sit properly in an office chair might be of some help to you but these tips are generally what you should be looking out for: Try using a cushion if you need to be sat higher but don't have a gas lift. Alternatively, you could try using a small box or step underneath your fit to give extra height. There are many ways to adjust your seating position if your office chair isn't fully adjustable.

How to adjust an office chair with gas lift

If you're lucky enough to have an office chair with a gas lift mechanism, you'll be able to easily adjust your height! This is important for sitting comfortably, as your eyes need to be in line with the computer screen and thighs parallel to the floor. Sit in the chair and test its starting position. Pull the gas lift lever up to push the chair down. If it won't go down anymore, it needs to go up. To lift a chair up, you need to stand up. If your weight is on it, it won't rise up. So, stand up and push the gas lift lever down. The chair should rise. Repeat the steps until you get the perfect height and position.

Top tip: To remember how to adjust your gas lift, think in opposites. Push the lever down to pull the chair up. Pull the lever up to push the chair down!

How to adjust an office chair with tilt tension

Now, if you've got a tension tilt on your office chair, you're really onto a winner! This is yet another way to keep you feeling comfortable and it's another great way to effectively adjust your seating position. A tension tilt works by allowing people of varying weights to sit in the same office chair.

Simply adjust by turning the knob underneath the chair - usually on the opposite side to the gas lift. The tighter the knob is screwed in, the less your chair will tilt. Stand up and pull it all the way out for a looser, heavily-tilted chair! But of course, you can adjust this until it suits your needs.

Don't forget, these are the instructions for an office chair with tension tilt lock. Some chairs may have tension tilt, but without the knob to lock the position into place!

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