What are the Best Bar Stools for My Kitchen in 2018?

What are the Best Bar Stools for My Kitchen in 2018?

The best bar stools for your kitchen in 2018

Ultimately, no one can tell you what the best bar stools for your kitchen might be. We can only advise based on the latest trends, current offers and the functionality of your home. However, we have put together a list of the bar stools that we think should be top of your list when considering your new set. Of course, we've taken into consideration the factors we just mentioned like price, style and function.

Fashion first: Brushed steel bar stools

If you're into interior design, you'll know that mixed metals are going to be all the rage this year. In fact, if you'd like to brush up on your home style sense then check out the top interior trends we predicted for 2018! So, we decided to talk about brushed steel bar stools first as they fit right into the metals trend. Forget your copper or rose gold, industrial steel is moving up in the rankings this year.

Monterey bar stool in dark grey

This is one of our favourite stools in the brushed steel range. The Monterey is a classic bar stool shape with a padded faux leather seat - this particular one is dark grey. However, you can also buy the Monterey in light grey, cream, black and grey fabric. You'll be spoilt for choice! This stool is currently on offer for £84.99 (its original price is £139.99). Click on the image below to shop.

california bar stool in black

For something a little different, how about the California? This bar stool has a gas lift mechanism so its height is adjustable. Jazzing up your home breakfast bar has never been easier with this sleek and stylish stool. The faux leather seat is also available in cream, grey and dark grey. Don't forget to check this one out sooner rather than later - it's priced at £89.99 which is a great markdown from its original price of £119.99. Click on the image below to head to the product page.

Camel bar stool in light grey

The Carmel stool is particularly nice as its simple seat design and frame adds a contemporary touch to any room. We love it in light grey PU but its also available to buy in cream, dark grey and grey fabric. The curved footrest gives this stool a unique feature which is why we think you should check it out whilst its still on sale. Currently, you can snap up the Carmel for £84.99 (it was originally £84.99). Click the image to shop. You may start to notice a pattern with brushed steel. It looks incredible with faux leather of any colour! That's why we've recommended our steel stools as some of the best bar stools you can get for your kitchen.  The versatility of steel can fit into any kitchen, no matter what your current design is.

Functionality first: adjustable, plastic bar stools

If you are more concerned with how your stool will function in your home, look no further than what we're about to show you. Whether you've got kids running around or regularly host cocktail parties, our adjustable plastic bar stools are the best bar stools for you! Why? Because they're easy to clean, don't stain and anyone can sit comfortably on them. It's really that simple.

Amazon gel stool in clear

This curvy, elegant bar stool is the epitome of great design and functionality. Although the Amazon Gel comes in many colours, we can't help but adore the clear one. The seat is designed to look like a sheet of water stopped in time - we think it's really effective. As well as this clear colourway being flexible with what colours it can be matched with, the stool is extra flexible with its gas lift mechanism. Just click on the image to shop whilst it's on sale for £44.99!

Glamour bar stool in white/red

This unique and stylish stool ticks all the boxes. Really. First, its plastic seat means you'll never have to worry about spillages or messy eaters in the kitchen. Simply wipe away the mess! Second, the white and red colourway is really individual and brings about an essence of a 50s diner - super retro and guaranteed to impress guests. Third, the gas lift means anyone will be comfortable sitting here as they can adjust the seat height to suit them. And last but certainly not least, the Glamour bar stool is our cheapest bar stool by far at a mere £29.99. Be quick - stocks won't last long. Click the image to shop.

Let us know what you'll be looking for in bar stools this year

We hope you enjoyed discovering the best bar stools from Lakeland Furniture for 2018. Feeling inspired by our list? Or perhaps you've got some ideas of your own? Either way, we'd love to hear from you. Leave us a comment letting us know your favourite bar stool from our collection or what features you value the most in a bar stool.