Have You Checked Out Our Range of Wooden Bar Stools?

Have You Checked Out Our Range of Wooden Bar Stools?

We have a gorgeous range of wooden bar stools

Here at Lakeland Furniture, we're pretty well-known for our bar stools and we've got good reason to be. That's why every so often we like to sift through our (impressive!) product catalogue and rediscover our love for a particular range. Today, we want to throw the spotlight on our range of wooden bar stools. From the simplistic Newark to the stylish Cologne, the variety is unbelievable. Of course, we believe that wooden bar stools are the perfect balance of natural and modern. They really can be the perfect finishing touch to any kitchen, diner or home bar.

Types of bar stool in the wooden range

So, regardless of what range our stools fall under we tend to have a variety of mechanisms and bar stool types available. For example, we have lots of styles from wooden to acrylic to leather. However, within each of these subcategories you'll probably find the following types of bar stool: fixed height, fixed height & swivel and gas lift & swivel. The names should be pretty self-explanatory but we'll clear it up anyway, just in case. Basically, a fixed height stool is stationary and its height can't be changed. That means that a fixed height with swivel is stationary except its seat which can, well, swivel. Finally, a gas lift & swivel stool has an adjustable height and its seat can also move around. Bear in mind, there are plenty of other features to take into consideration like backrests and arms - currently, none of our wooden stools has arms so that narrows things down a bit. There are different types of backrest, however. You can choose from high, low, standard and backless. Now we've got the technical stuff out of the way, let's move onto the exciting bit: style.

Styles in our wooden range

There are over 45 products in this range if you take into consideration the different colour variations. That's a lot to choose from! Of course, we couldn't go through every single one or you'd probably be bored to tears. However, we're going to pick out a few that we think might interest you or have caught our eye recently. If any of the following wooden bar stools take your fancy, simply click their name and it'll take you to the individual product page!

The Cologne in cream

The Cologne is a really visually appealing chair and is one that often stands out amongst the other stools. It's especially appealing with the cream seat as it contrasts so beautifully with the dark wood legs. There's a retro feel to this stool but it works so well in modern environments. If you need any more reason to buy the Cologne, it's currently on offer for £42.99 (its original price was £119.99). In terms of measurements, the width is 44cm, the seat height is 81cm. For more information on correct sizing and spacing for bar stools, check out this blog post.

The Athena in light grey

Our next featured product is the Athena fixed height stool with a light grey seat. This stool features a 360 swivel which is super practical and is sure to please guests. The rounded footrest is also a nice feature which just finishes off the uber-elegant look of this stool. Also, there's currently a £10.00 discount as the Athena has been marked down to £49.99. Snap it up while you can! It measures up at 39cm wide, 77cm high (seat) and 42cm deep.

The Bonn in black

Next up, something a little different. The Bonn stool has a unique style and we particularly like it with a black seat as it matches the wooden effect frame. This stool is perfect for those with a passion for Victorian, gothic or steampunk styles but it can also work well in a contemporary and monochromatic home. The bar stool stands at 77cm without taking the backrest into consideration and it is 39cm wide. Currently, it's priced at £48.99 which is a reduction from £74.99!

The Copenhagen in biscuit

Last but certainly not least of the wooden stools we're going to discuss today is the Copenhagen. It's named after a very popular Scandinavian city which is pretty apt as it just oozes Scandi cool. This seat is perhaps the most comfortable on the list due to its high backrest and extra padded cushioning. The Copenhagen is currently priced at £57.99 and measures up with a width of 37cm and a height of 69cm. Feeling inspired by our wooden bar stools? If you want to see what else we have on offer in this range, simply click here to have a look for yourself!