How to Choose an Ergonomic Office Chair

10th October 2017

What should I be looking for in an ergonomic office chair?

The majority of our lives are spent at work. For those of us who work in an office, there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. We spend a lot of our day sitting at our desk (and some might see that as a bonus) but it can be incredibly harmful to our bodies. Even those who don’t have an office job might have a desk where they work at home, and that’s just as important.

What is ergonomics?

Ergonomics is the study of designing products and places to fit efficiently and comfortably around the people who use them. For the purpose of this blog post, it’s basically ensuring you are comfortable at your desk so you can produce work to the best standard, without hurting yourself!

So let’s talk office chairs.

The main feature at your work desk, aside from your computer, is your office chair. A nice-looking chair can add a nice touch to any office, but looks aren’t everything. It’s also very important to be sitting comfortably and with the right support.

Below are a number of features you should consider when picking out your next office chair:

Height of chair

Your chair should allow your thighs to be parallel to the ground, whilst forearms are parallel to the worktop. This is to ensure that blood circulation and pressure on the body is not strained. It is always useful to look for a chair with easily adjustable height. This is so that you can alter it for your individual needs and measurements.

Quick tip: Your feet should be flat on the floor whilst you are sitting at your desk.

Seat depth

The rule of thumb is this: make sure there is about a three or four fingers-width distance between the back of your knees and your seat. You should be able to sit with this distance between your seat and your knees, whilst also resting your back against the back of the seat. Back support is crucial when picking out your perfect office chair.


Ensure that the forward and backward tilt of your chair is adjustable. Whilst too much recline might strain your neck and eyes when looking at your screen, a slight recline will take pressure off your spine.


Being able to move around the space on your chair is useful. Your chair should ideally have a swivel so that you are able to reach things from your desk during the day. It will also give your body freedom of movement when you need to rest your eyes away from the screen. You may prefer a chair that also has wheels, so you can easily access different areas of the office or move your chair around.

Seat material

It’s obviously preferable to have a softer, fabric material for your seat if you’re going to be sitting for hours at a time. An ideal ergonomic office chair will come in a fabric design as it’s much more comfortable. However, if you’d rather have a plastic chair for aesthetic purposes, perhaps make sure it’s not one you’ll be using for regular and frequent periods of time.

Our pick

Our chosen office chair today (from our impressive range), is the Stratos Executive Office Chair in Grey.

Stratos Executive Office Chair

We really think you'll love this one. Its special Tension Tilt feature allows you to easily adjust the tension for your body weight. This mechanism makes for comfortable rocking, without putting strain on your muscles. It's the perfect ergonomic office chair!

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