How to Choose the Perfect Rattan Dining Set

How to Choose the Perfect Rattan Dining Set

How do you choose your rattan dining set?

We may have just experienced a whole load of snow and storms but the sun is definitely rearing its head. Those rare sunny afternoons are reminding us just how excited we are for summer to begin! Summertime in the UK is not exactly the most consistent in the world... but we like to be prepared anyway. On those scorching July days, there's nothing better than being able to enjoy the heat in your very own back garden. Who said you needed to venture to the pub? Not us. Whether you just fancy a few glasses of wine or a three course meal al fresco-style, our rattan dining set collection could have the perfect solution for you. Keep reading to find out what our top tips are for buying a rattan dining set.

Consider these things before buying:

How many people sit round your table?

Even if you're only a small family of 2 or 3, you might often have guests or extended family round. Take into considerations how many chairs you're going to need at your rattan dining set. No one wants to feel left out! If you're unsure of how many seats you'll require, it might be worth opting for a modular sofa dining set like our Granada set. This is completely customisable and you aren't confined by individual dining chairs.

What will be the main activity?

If you're a big partier or love having drinks in the garden, you'll probably appreciate a comfier dining set like the Granada! That way, everyone can kick back and relax without feeling too formal. However, for those who love to cook and eat in the garden, you're likely to need a proper set of chairs and a suitable table. Our Bilbao set is perfect for small family dinners. Although, you may prefer our Ronda set if you tend to entertain guests.

How big is your garden?

Of course, a lot of your decision will depend on how much room you have. If your garden is small and cramped, a smaller dining set may be your only choice. However, if you are lucky enough to have a big outdoor space, you may be able to mix and match your rattan dining set with other outdoor furniture pieces. For example, you could have a standard dining set like the Sorrento alongside a garden swing or sofa set like our Loret piece.

What is your style?

The majority of our rattan dining set collection can be customised based on colour. We offer the following three options for our rattan furniture: grey, black and brown. However, you should also be considering the kind of style you prefer for your home and garden. The Bilbao is a very traditional dining set with the classic wicker-style high back chairs. On the other hand, the Sorrento is a more contemporary set with curved-back seats and a light brown rattan.
Bilbao square rattan dining set
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Granada corner sofa rattan dining set
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Sorrento 6-seater rattan dining set
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