How to Guide: How to Clean Faux Leather Bar Stools

23rd March 2018

Cleaning your faux leather bar stools

Faux leather bar stools are often found teamed up with a heavy metal base. Due to this, manufacturers tend to use lightweight faux leather fabric to ensure the bar stool is easy to manoeuvre. However, lightweight fabrics can be more easily damaged. We're talking scratches and cracks due to pressure. That's not really what you want for your beautiful bar stools. If you follow our simple guide to cleaning them, you won't go wrong!

The method

You have two options when it comes to cleaning your faux leather bar stools. You could use a professional cleaning product such as this one from Amazon. Make sure you shop around to get yourself the best deal if you choose this option! Alternatively, you might want to go down the homemade route. Here's how to do it DIY-style...

What you'll need:

  • Bucket of warm water mixed with a gentle washing up liquid
  • Non-abrasive cloth
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Baby oil
  • Paper towels
  • Dry sponge

1. Test, test, test!

It's super important to always make sure you test any furniture before you clean it. Apply your soapy water mix with a non-abrasive cloth to a small patch of the faux leather to ensure it doesn't cause any damage. Do the same with a small amount of the baby oil on a paper towel.

2. Give it a quick clean

Every now and then, you should be cleaning your bar stools with a warm, soapy mixture to get rid of any dirt or marks that might build up over time. Dip the cloth into the bucket and wring it out so it is not too wet. Wipe all over the bar stool seat and then dry off with a soft microfiber cloth.

3. Shine it up and keep it smooth!

People like to keep their skin smooth with baby oil and faux leather bar stools are no different. Firstly, use a dry paper towel to wipe the seat so that there is no dust creating a barrier. Then, apply a small amount of baby oil to a dry sponge to wipe, gently, over the faux leather. Let the bar stools dry naturally near an open window or door. This little trick will keep your faux leather moist and prevent it from cracking!


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