How to Clean Artificial Rattan Garden Furniture

10th May 2017

Clean Artificial Rattan Garden Furniture the easy way this Summer

Artificial rattan garden furniture can be a great choice for your garden or outdoor space. There are many benefits to this synthetic material including its durability and lifespan. However, your artificial rattan still requires proper care and maintenance. Chances are, you'll soon be rummaging through your storage and digging out the garden furniture. After all, it'll be spring before we know it. When rattan is stored away for some time, it can often need a little sprucing up to look good as new again.

In this blog post, we're going to show you the best method to clean your garden furniture. So, keep reading to find out more!

We know that when it comes to cleaning and maintaining garden furniture you feel like putting it back.  Artificial rattan furniture doesn't give you these problems.  To maintain and clean it is easy.  Follow the steps below to get your furniture to last longer and look beautiful.

How Often Should I Clean my artificial rattan Furniture?

You have to make sure that you clean your furniture regularly. You can do it weekly, or even monthly to keep the furniture’s original beauty.

How Do I Clean My Artificial Rattan Furniture?

As a guideline, you shouldn't need to clean your artificial rattan that often unless you notice a lot of mildew or sap drippings from nearby trees. However, we tend to say that you should clean it before storing it away and upon retrieval from storage during the warmer months. Basically, twice a year will do. Although, it wouldn't harm to give your furniture a good clean halfway through the summer season too, just to keep it fresh.

What you'll need:

  • A stiff brush
  • A vacuum cleaner
  • Washing up liquid
  • Bucket of warm water
  • Soft cloth
  • Garden hose or bucket of cold water

1. Prepare your furniture

Make sure you remove any cushions that come with your furniture. There's a separate blog post on how to clean those - coming soon. You should also move your furniture into an open area of the garden or on the drive, where it doesn't matter if you make a bit of a splash!

2. Get rid of any mud or dust

Use the stiff brush to remove any surface dirt from the furniture. The bristles will penetrate into the texture of the rattan and loosen any mud or grime. However, don't be too aggressive as you could ruin the furniture's finish. Next, use your vacuum cleaner's brush attachment to get rid of the dust that has inevitably built up over the months.

3. Start cleaning!

Now, you can mix a small measurement of the washing up liquid to a bucket of warm water. With this soapy water, you can use the soft cloth to apply the solution all over the surfaces of your furniture. Be sure you don't miss any hidden or awkward spots! Allow the furniture to soak for a few minutes.

4. Rinse away the suds

Next, it's time to rinse off the soapy liquid. Use your garden hose (if you've got access to one) to wash away all of the suds. Make sure you keep your hose at one of the lower, more gentle settings so you don't put too much pressure on the furniture. If you've not got access to a hose, you'll have to pour over buckets of cold water until all the soapiness has been rinsed away.

Avoid using...

Don't use any cleaning products that contain bleach or scouring agents on your rattan furniture as they can lead to cracks developing, which in turn leads to more dirt build up! Also, bear in mind that a pressure washer will be too forceful on rattan and could damage your furniture. Always use a garden hose or bucket of water to rinse.

You can learn more about the material used in artificial rattan here.

Can I Keep My Rattan Garden Set Out All Year?

Although Rattan garden furniture, including our own, is totally weatherproof.   We don’t recommend our customers to keep it out in severe winters. If left out the threads may snap as they become less flexible in the cold. If the furniture needs to stay outdoors we advise that you purchase a cover for protection.

 Can I Jet Wash My Rattan Furniture?

Yes.  We suggest you get wash the furniture at the start and end of the summer season.  The power of the jet wash will force out any trapped dirt and dust.
Make sure that the jet wash is on a low setting or use a low-pressure attachment.  Don't get to close to the rattan when spraying.  If the jet is too strong you could snap the rattan threads.
Doing a full clean like this every year will keep your maintenance throughout the summer to a minimum.

Maintaining My Rattan Furniture Cushions?

Don’t clean the cushions too often. Only clean them when it is actually necessary.  If you’re keeping it outdoors, make sure to bring the cushions in if not in use. Keep the cushions covered, and provide special care for them, as they are more susceptible to wear and tear.

Other Cleaning Methods

You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt from rattan garden furniture. Go all over the surface, as this will suck out the dirt that will gather while being outside.

Rattan furniture is simple to maintain and keep in great condition. Clean Artificial Rattan Garden Furniture by following the simple steps you can be sure to prolong its life, as well as always letting it shine!

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