Conservatory Cooling and Seating Ideas

Conservatory Cooling and Seating Ideas
You can create an elegant year-round living space with a Conservatory, which can be used as additional living space, a family room, a space for entertaining or just to enjoy a relaxing evening meal. Create that feeling of outdoor/ indoor living by fusing the style of your conservatory with the style of your home and garden. Modern themed conservatories seek to create sleek lines without clutter. Modern Rattan furniture could be the choice for you, with beautiful angular pieces, without the need for extra accessories. Or perhaps you prefer a ‘chic’ design to incorporate various designs and textures. A Conservatory can be designed to suit your own individual needs, depending on how you wish to utilize the space, create your own individual style by choosing exciting furniture and colourful accessories.

Conservatory Cooling

When the sun comes out a conservatory really comes into its own, offering some shade from the summer sun. To ensure your conservatory does not become unbearable some form of shading is often needed, in the form of blinds, which help keep the room cool, as well as look stylish. Whilst blinds can shade the room from the glare of the summer sun they can also help to keep the heat in during the winter months. Blinds are available in a range of styles and colours, to suit a range of budgets, and are one of the simplest ways of keeping your conservatory cool. Another popular choice are Wooden Shutters, available in natural wood colour or painted to match your interior designs. Together with blinds, it is advisable to open windows and doors to allow air to circulate to help keep the room light and airy.

Cooling Film

This is another technique often used which consists of fixing an adhesive layer to the glass, which has been compared to putting a pair of sunglasses on, it works by reflecting around 80% of the sun’s heat away from the room, and helps to prevent the sun from fading the soft furnishings.

Air Conditioning

One of the most effective ways of keeping a conservatory cool is to install an air conditioning unit, although this is one of the most expensive choices it will mean that you can control the temperature of the room quickly and effectively. Some units offer heating as well as cooling which would mean the unit could be utilised all year round. Cool pastel colours on the walls of your conservatory, together with the use of plants can create a relaxing cool atmosphere, to enable you to enjoy the outside/inside experience. The next choice for your conservatory would be the choice of furnishings, deciding which style and type of furniture would suit your purpose best. Let the fun begin !!


[caption id="attachment_3034" align="alignnone" width="950"] A relaxing spot for a warm, summer day[/caption] To enjoy your conservatory space all year round, a stylish sofa is a must, choose a sofa that makes itself at home in your conservatory, and by combining your sofa with other conservatory furniture you can create your own tranquil oasis! From simple two seater sofas to full synthetic rattan sofa sets depending on the space available, and of course on how you wish to utilise it. If space is less of an issue a corner sofa set could work for you, most come as modular designs allowing you to arrange them to best suit your style, and many come with matching coffee tables, ideal to use when enjoying a relaxing cup of tea with friends. Another choice of sofa could be a beautifully crafted Charles Bentley Fisherman sofa, perfect for indoor or outdoor use, this sofa is made from high-quality Acacia hardwood and stylish mixed material seat and back, has eye-catching string backing is durable and hardwearing, whilst still being easy to maintain. This sofa is available with matching armchairs, and a rectangular coffee table, a perfect set for entertaining in style. For an ultra modern minimalist appeal, a Safavieh Marseille Sofa Set, with a crosshatch seat back detail, sustainable acacia wood is used, and this set comes as a two seater sofa, 2 chairs, and a coffee table, a sleek and neat set, ideal for the smaller conservatory will create a feeling of space. A Beliani styled modern and luxurious Sofa set, crafted from Light Acacia Wood, comprising of a two seater sofa, two armchairs, a coffee table and a footstool, and can be purchased in three shades, either Taupe, Brown or Grey, has a set of thickly padded matching seat cushions, providing an exceptional seating experience. This set creates a wonderful outdoor living feeling. Rattan conservatory furniture is still one of the most popular choices of conservatory furniture; sturdy, strong, but light enough to easily move around if you should wish to re-arrange the layout of your furniture. Together with thickly padded cushions for comfort, rattan makes a very welcome addition to any conservatory. For the smaller conservatory, a Bistro style table and two chairs would create a cosy warm space to enjoy your evening meal, or a square table and four chairs is still a compact choice, together with a three seater rattan sofa complete an inviting conservatory area. If you have a larger conservatory and enjoy entertaining a larger gathering of family and friends a Rattan Dining Set which incorporates a corner sofa creates a relaxing and yet practical space, together with additional armchairs to ensure plenty of seating for your guests. Conservatory dining furniture can add style to your conservatory, choosing from round or rectangle tables, adding chairs of the same style, create an ‘al fresco’ feel to your dining area, or if to create an intimate corner of your conservatory for a luxurious dining experience. Dining Sets can be purchased to compliment your lounge area of the conservatory, be it wooden material or the popular rattan sets, which usually have a toughened glass top. If you don’t have room for a large dining area, or perhaps want a separate area for having breakfast, or a cup of tea on a sunny afternoon, the Bistro Sets are a popular choice, usually small round tables, and two chairs, these can make a very useful addition to your conservatory. Whilst a conservatory has plenty of light during the day, once the night arrives so does the need for extra lighting. By adding wire lighting it will instantly appear more contemporary. Integrated spotlights, recessed wall lights and table and floor lights, and for a stylish focal point a ‘Chandelier’ will create that complete look, and ensure you can enjoy your conservatory well into the night. Perhaps some easily maintained plants can help to make your conservatory feel part of your garden experience. A rattan storage box, perfect for storing logs for the open fire/ log burner, or to keep general ‘bits and bobs’ tidy and keep your conservatory ‘clutter free’. Scatter cushions, and/ or a throw to add colour and comfort, and some Rattan planters to add a natural feeling to your space. Experiment with colour and pattern for your flooring, and to create a complete look for your conservatory.