What to Consider Before Buying Bar Stools

What to Consider Before Buying Bar Stools

Buying bar stools: thing to consider before you make that purchase!

Okay, so we like to talk about bar stools a lot here at Lakeland Furniture as they make up some of our bestselling products. There's plenty of blog posts you can check out where we've discussed our range of wooden stools, the size and spacing of stools and why you'll love fixed height bar stools. It's all well and good showing off our favourite bits of furniture and giving you advice on how to use them effectively. However, there's that crucial step before you even purchase your bar stools that we want to talk about today. We're going to discuss factors you should consider but you fall in love with a type of bar stool and snap it up! After all, buying new pieces of furniture for your home shouldn't be a task that you take lightly.


First things first, let's consider the cosmetic properties of your new seating arrangements. If you are a fan of interior design and put a lot of effort into this in your home, it's important to think about style. Do you want to overhaul your current style or stick to what you've got? Buying bar stools in a new and different style can completely change up the look of your kitchen. However, if you are happy with your current interior design then make sure you are choosing a style that will fit in seamlessly.


Of course, once you've settled on a style, the next most important thing is the comfort (although some may disagree on this!) Who's going to be sitting in it? Adults will often value comfort over anything else and younger children may also need support if they are particularly restless. Armrests can be more supportive but there might not always be enough space in your kitchen. Backrests will also be a lot more comfortable but you might prefer a more minimalistic look. That said, stools without backs are also easier to stow away under counters. It's all about considering what is practical and what will suit your family's needs better. Buying bar stools should be fun!

Space & Numbers

Speaking of practical, it's definitely wise to think about how much room you have. Don't be too hasty when buying bar stools if you haven't measured up properly! It's better to strike a balance between an aesthetically pleasing placement and practicality for who will be sat there. There's no point only getting two bar stools if you and your two children regularly sit at the counter! Once you've figured out how much space you've got and how many bar stools will you need, you can begin to picture what you need to order.


There are different heights when it comes to bar stools and you can learn about them here in more depth. It's also worth considering if you want fixed height or adjustable height chairs. Adjustable height bar stools are ideal for different people in the family and guests as they will always be suitable for different needs. Also, if you are ever going to move house then you can take your bar stools with you and not worry about the counter height of your new home. However, fixed may be ideal if you're set on staying in your current home for a while, or if you don't mind buying again. Some people prefer the style and think fixed height look a lot more stylish!

Swivel seat

Will you choose a bar stool with a 360 swivel function or one that doesn't move? This could depend on who will be sat on the stools or where they are going to be placed. A swivel function will make the whole process at breakfast times a lot easier as stools can be heavy to manoeuvre. You won't need to push or pull if you can simply swivel it out from under the counter! However, be wary of getting swivel stools with arms. They could bash into the counter - especially if you have young children who will inevitably mess about on them. But if you've got enough room and trust who sits on them, they can look really nice. There are many different outcomes to buying bar stools.


Footrests will definitely make things more comfortable. If you don't mind dangling your legs then, of course, this won't be an important factor for you. However, most adults appreciate the value of a good footrest so make sure this is something you look out for. It's the kind of thing you don't think about, but notice when it's not there.

Feeling inspired?

If you're feeling prepared to start buying bar stools, the check out what we have to offer here at Lakeland Furniture. Alternatively, let us know in the comments how you picked your current bar stools. Or what do you always consider when buying new ones? As always, we love to hear from you and appreciate your feedback and suggestions!