Garden Landscape Ideas

7th July 2019

Few outdoor spaces are complete without some form of hard landscaping. The materials used from paving and aggregates to decking and decorative edging can add texture, character and a structure ready for the excitement of choosing colours and plants to make the space ‘your own’.

Winter is the best time to redesign your space when the plants are dormant, but looking at it in the summer gives you the opportunity to understand how to use the space. If you simply wish to add a new surface to your area this can be done at any time to suit your plans.

Do you prefer formal or informal gardens?

Formal gardens tend to be geometric with lots of straight lines and clipped hedges whereas informal gardens are made up of organic curves and planting is much more relaxed. Redesigning your garden is an exciting prospect with lots of decisions to be made, such as do you want to create an area to sit and relax, and area to entertain family and friends or to incorporate a play area for the children.

Perhaps you just want a garden that is more colourful, garden landscaping is an ideal opportunity to create a space that allows you to use your garden how you want. One of the simplest ways to transform your outdoor space is to plan around your plants.

A good selection of flowers, trees, and shrubs will create year-round interest. Spend some time getting to know about your soil and aspects such as sun, shade and exposure. Landscaping ideas begin with good research. For inspiration visit garden centres, public gardens, annual garden shows, or even friends gardens, all will help you get a feel of what your taste is.

Take into account your garden size, and consider what you wish your garden to do for you. Consider walls and boundaries, hedges and fences, paths and patios, lawns, water features, zoning areas, trees, shrubs, pots and outdoor lighting.

Simple elegant detailing is often the key to creating a successful space, it is easy to overcomplicate design by putting too many ideas and creations into a small space making it look and feel too busy.

Create a timeless landscape that is easy to maintain and great to look at, a landscape to transform your outside space, add colour, functionality and points of interest.

Just as you would plant grass that is specific to your region, choose native plants that grow well in a specific area to keep water and pruning to a minimum,they require less upkeep and the plants will thrive. Container / potted plants can be low maintenance but versatile and are an easy way to add colour to different areas of your garden and are mobile so can be moved around.

Co-ordinate the flowers to the seasons, try white and pinks in the spring and summer and switch to yellow and reds in the autumn. Choose a diverse range of plants that bloom at different times, and ornamental leaves that will be visible all season long.

If all of the flowers bloom at the same time they will look attractive during that time but will lack colour for the rest of the year. Add eye-catching layers to your garden with elevated pots and hanging baskets, this creates visual interest with minimal effort and creates a sea of colour from high to low.

As an added bonus plants love the good drainage and aeration that raised planters provide. One of the easiest ways to transform the appearance of your landscape is to plant flowering shrubs, blossoming flowers and trees which all give an incredible impact.

Lavender gives a burst of colour and a relaxing aroma and only requires watering once or twice a week, it also acts as a bug repellant so plant it near your patio.

Landscapers often add edging around flower gardens, house foundations, pathways and driveways. Installing edging in curves as against straight lines will add appeal and character.

The edging is permanent so it enhances the landscape all year long and is as easy way to go from boring to beautiful. By carefully sculpting the landscape and choosing the right plants and materials you can hide an unattractive driveway.

Attractive landscaping deserves to be seen night or day, which is where landscape lights come in. Lights play many roles from adding to the attractiveness of the home to illuminating steps and paths for safety and also for illuminating points of interest.

Placing lights alongside pathways is one of the most popular uses although that doesn’t mean they have to be set in straight lines, placing them on alternate sides of a pathway breaks up the line. Lighting also helps to secure your garden from intruders.

Add a firepit or chiminea for the cooler evenings, as this will also add a soothing glow.

Installing a patio or even a bench near the edge of your lawn, away from the house provides an outdoor escape. Concrete can be used, or paving slabs. Building it near trees or tall flowers creates some privacy, and surround the patio with flowers.

Outdoor Seating

Add some outdoor seating, be it a bench, or a table and chair set ready for some al fresco dining and create a welcome area for family and friends, an outdoor sofa set for complete relaxation will be sure to please.

Rattan garden furniture is a chic and comfortable way to get seating into a garden and being modular, can be upgraded for different garden sizes.

Consider whether you wish to have an outdoor kitchen area if you seriously enjoy entertaining or whether you prefer a simple BBQ or even a pizza oven. All of these ideas can be incorporated into your landscaping plans.

Garden Pathways

Instead of trampling down the lawn and making a makeshift path of dead grass between your firepit and garden, create an attractive walkway using concrete stepping stones, natural flagstones, decorative brick or crushed stone.

Construct a pathway from material that is the same or similar to what’s used on the exterior of the house, such as brick or stone as it will tie the path aesthetically to the home. Hide outdoor structures such as sheds, garages and outdoor workspaces, as they are not always the most attractive thing to look at in the garden.

Use them to your advantage as they can give structure to climbing clematis and rambling roses. Clematis is one of the showiest vines there are giving blossom of blue, purple, red, pink or white. We recommend growing this versatile vine on a trellis which can be attached to an outdoor structure or fence. Spring or autumn are good times to plant Clematis when the ground is cooler.


Bringing plants nearer and onto the walls of the structure will create a screen, try adding a wooden shelf and some lightweight pots to create a beautiful display of flowers.

Use crushed stone in beds as it is a great xeriscaping technique. Stone is also a good option in beds as you never have to replace it. Xeriscape landscaping using very little or no water is a great way to give in to your natural surroundings.

It is surprising how many native plants require almost zero water once they are established and they can provide colourful blooms throughout the year.

When it comes to our homes it is not just the inside that is important but making the most of our outside area. For that country cottage appeal add a climbing rose or clematis to your conservatory door frame or your garage door frame.

Water Features

Create a water feature or water fountain in your garden, even if it is a small one it will add a special feature and create a tranquil space where guests can sit and relax. Plant water lilies and enjoy the relaxing sound of trickling water.

Use a flower bed to separate your driveway from your grassed area and perhaps create an arbour at the end of a winding path, creating a stunning focal point to entice you to the bottom of the garden. Line the edges of your pathway with lavender and enjoy the beautiful scent as you brush past the blooms.

If you have children or pets, don’t be afraid to use artificial grass, this is the best way to make your garden dog-proof or ‘kid’-proof, and it requires zero upkeep. Artificial grass doesn’t get muddy on rainy days, is soft and durable to weather conditions, reduces ground pollution and means no more watering or mowing!

Kitchen Gardens

Design your very own kitchen garden and enjoy growing your own collection of herbs and vegetables.

To begin your adventure try growing potatoes, and perhaps tomatoes, as they taste incredible and so much more tasty than shop, bought ones. Most importantly create a quiet spot in your garden to sit and admire all of your hard work. Create a garden paradise, an escape, an oasis in your garden., design a small hideaway where people can gather for drinks.

Try mixing formal with informal, get creative with a wall of plants, a fountain, a statue, a bench or a special flower display. We all know that it’s not just the inside that counts, but accenting our homes with natural elements from flora and fauna to stonework and water features make for an instantly inviting space for family and friends (not to mention a restful retreat for you).

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