How to Get Stains Out of Your Fabric Bar Stools

How to Get Stains Out of Your Fabric Bar Stools

How to get stains out of your fabric bar stools

It's coming up to party season, so there's never been a better time to pay attention to your fabric bar stools. We all know that cocktail parties can often result in spillages! Even if you're not hosting a cocktail party, just the increased number of guests through your door could keep you on red alert. But don't worry, we've put together this simple guide to help you stay on top of the cleaning. And if you're wondering how to get those pesky stains out of your fabric bar stools, look no further. This is the guide you need! Keep reading to figure out how to treat the particular stains you've got a problem with. It's also worth keeping this blog post bookmarked so you can quickly deal with any spillages or stains as soon as they happen.

Ketchup stains

If you've got kids or you're partial to ketchup with your fry-up, you'll probably have noticed that the stuff can leave an annoying red stain. However, there's quite an effective method to getting it out of fabric. The more quickly you act, the better chance you'll have. First, you should remove any excess ketchup by scraping away with a butter knife or similar tool. Use a sponge or cloth soaked in cold water and press over the affected area. Then, take a solution of dish soap and cold water mixed together (one tablespoon to two cups). Sponge the solution over the stain using a clean cloth. Keep going until the solution is entirely absorbed by the fabric bar stools, then repeat the above steps until you can't see the ketchup anymore!

Red wine stains

Another red-coloured culprit, the dark-hued wine can often ruin our favourite fabric furniture if not treated properly. If the spillage has just happened, you should quickly get some kitchen roll or clean cloths and blot with clothing stain remover over the wine stain. Failing this, use sparkling water. Another effective method for removing wine from fabric bar stools is to cover the stain in white wine! Yep, that's right. It takes out the red pigment of its sister wine. Adding baking soda over the stain can also help if needed.

Orange juice stains

It's pretty common for your fabric bar stools to see orange juice spillages over their lifetime. After all, orange juice is something we commonly drink at breakfast times, with alcohol at parties and as a treat for the kids after school. So, it's not unusual for your bar stools to become stained with OJ. Here's what you need to do if it happens. First, use a piece of absorbent kitchen roll to blot up the orange juice spillage and try and remove as much as possible. Then, mix a solution of one tablespoon of washing up liquid to two cups of water. Use a cloth soaked in the solution to dab at the stain so that it is fully covered. Then, use a dry cloth to dab away the liquid! Repeat the above steps until it's gone.

Burn stains

Unfortunately, we can sometimes get burns in our favourite upholstered furniture, particularly in fabric bar stools. This may seem like the end of the world but there is one method you can try before replacing the entire thing. Start by creating a mixture of dissolved soda crystals (one tablespoon) in a pint of lukewarm water (room temp is fine). Take a corner of a clean white rag and soak it in the solution - it's important that the rag is white. Dab gently at the burnt area until it seems to be fading. Then, take a new clean rage, soak it in the water again and continue to blot the stain. Finally, take another clean rag and blot the area until it's dry.

Curry stains

If you enjoy a good curry on a Friday night (who doesn't), you might occasionally find your fabric bar stools stained with the yellowy/orange stuff. It's the turmeric in the curry that causes this stain but it is possible to remove it. You must act fast if you drop curry on your bar stool! Quickly grab some kitchen roll to remove any excess curry sauce and dab to absorb the liquid. Then, take a clean white cloth and use diluted white vinegar with dish soap to blot at the stain. Keep going until you think the curry colour cannot fade anymore. Leave for an hour, then rinse away the solution with a clean cloth soaked in clean water. If all else fails, try rubbing alcohol and blot the stain. It's important to remember to dab the stain dry after using a liquid on it!

Did any of these methods work for you?

Please let us know in the comments if any of these methods have helped you to save your fabric bar stools. There's nothing worse than a pesky food or drink spillage but if you follow some simple instructions, you can easily solve the problem.