Why Grey Dining Chairs Aren't Going Out of Style

Why Grey Dining Chairs Aren't Going Out of Style

Why grey dining chairs aren't going out of style

Here at Lakeland Furniture, we love to keep up with the latest trends in interior design. What's new on Pinterest? What are house magazines loving? These questions are important to answer if we want to stay relevant. However, we also love to remember the trends that stick around for a long time - after all, timeless furniture and interior design can't be beaten! One of our all-time favourites is the grey interior trend, especially grey dining chairs. As we specialise in dining chairs, we thought we'd show off some of our favourites and explore why this colour is never going out of style.

1. Grey is a simple shade

Buy the Vida dining chair in light grey here. As grey isn't fussy, it goes with everything. It's easy to incorporate grey dining chairs into your existing space as they are minimal, low key and no fuss. Bright colours can take a lot more planning when it comes to interior design but shades of grey can be put into pretty much any room of the house. The simplicity of this popular shade is what makes it so perfect and it's why we think grey dining chairs aren't going out style any time soon.

2. It's elegant and classy

Buy the Eames DSW dining chair in light grey here. Although, yes, it is simple and minimal, it's also really classy. Grey dining chairs may be no-fuss but they're also elegant and stylish! That's the great thing about the colour, it's the best of both worlds. You'll struggle to find a colour that is both fashionable and easy to work with but here we have found it. Just one of the many reasons we're still loving grey dining chairs after all these years - they'll impress your dinner guests and always look like you've put your 'best' chairs out.

3. The colour makes us feel safe

Buy the Kensington dining chair in grey here. According to colour psychologists, the colours we use in our home can have a massive impact on how we feel, whilst reflecting our true emotions and even aspects of our own personality. So, when we were researching how the colour grey makes us feel, we kept seeing the same words everywhere: 'safe', 'secure', 'industrial', 'serious'. It makes sense when you think about it that furniture pieces like grey dining chairs are continuing to stay relevant. Industrial design is a massive trend that's lasted a long time, especially in city apartments and trendy offices. Being serious isn't a necessarily homely feel but being safe and secure definitely is. Maybe that's why we're all so drawn to the colour grey - we crave security and safety.

4. There are so many shades to choose from

Buy Regent dining chair in grey crushed velvet here. Light grey, dark grey, silver, slate grey, gunmetal grey: the possibilities are endless. This colour is bursting with various shades and tones that mean we'll never get bored of it! If you're feeling metallic, opt for silver. If you want something more understated, go for slate grey. The great thing about this colour is that the different shades of it all match, too - so you can choose many different tones at once. And if you want to coordinate with another colour altogether, there are so many options: grey looks great with pink, blue, navy, white, black, yellow and turquoise to name a few.

Feeling inspired?

If you liked this post and agree with our reasons, why not have a browse through our massive collection of grey dining chairs? You never know, you might just find your next favourite item of furniture there.