How to Guide: How to Assemble a Bar Stool

13th June 2018

How to assemble your bar stools

Of course, there are varying types of bar stools, as with any furniture product. Sometimes, bar stools will come ready-made without the need for any assembly. And that's great! The majority of the time these products will be fixed height bar stools that are assembled in-house. But if you purchase a gas lift stool, you will probably need to know how to assemble a bar stool. Well, here's your guide. We'll walk you through the simple steps to put together your brand new stool so it's ready for your kitchen.

It's important to note a few things here. Whether you've bought your bar stool from us or elsewhere, they generally contain the same or similar parts. Gas lift bar stools are usually made up of around five individual parts: base, decorative collar, tubular stem with gas lift lever and footrest, hydraulic gas lift column and seat pad. There will also be the necessary screws and Allen key which is all you'll need to assemble a bar stool.

1. Unpack your bar stool

Upon receiving your brand new product, the first thing you should do is unpack everything. Lay out all the parts on the floor in front of you and identify them from the list above. Get familiar with what you're working with!

2. Start the assembling process

To assemble a bar stool, you'll always need to begin by placing the base flat side down. Then, place the decorative collar over the top of the raised hole in the base. You may find that your bar stool does not include a decorative collar. In this case, move straight to the next step after placing the flat base the right way up.

3. Begin to assemble the gas lift

Once the base is in place, slot the hydraulic gas lift column into the hole so it's secure. If there is a protective plastic cap on the end of the column, you'll need to remove this first. Now that the column is secured into the base, it's time to add the seat and stem onto the stool.

4. Attach the seat

Turn the seat upside down and lay it on a soft surface where you can easily work on it. Identify the four screw holes underneath the seat pad. Then, turn the stem upside down and rest it against the seat's screw holes so it lines up.  If there's a footrest attached to the stem, ensure that it is facing the right way as you are lining up with your seat pad. Now, take the four included screws and hand-tighten through the metal plate. Adjust the footrest if necessary. Then, use the Allen key to tighten so that the stem and seat are secured together.

5. Complete the assembly

Now that the seat is secured with the stem, it's time to attach it to the base and gas lift column. Place the stem (with seat attached) over the top of the column and secure down. If possible, gently bounce on the seat until the gas lift mechanism activates. The seat will lower when this has completed. Now, you can get off the stool and push the lever down again. The seat will rise and this means you're finished with the process!

That's a wrap!

Well done, you've successfully completed this walk-through and you now know how to assemble a bar stool. Any questions? Don't hesitate to leave us a comment.


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