How-to Guide: How to Clean Metal Bar Stools

3rd December 2018

This is how to clean metal bar stools effectively!

Have you ever taken a look at your gleaming, beautiful bar stools and wondered how you'd keep them so pristine? Don't worry. It's common for us to wonder how our hectic lives will allow any piece of furniture to stay looking the same. However, the method in today's blog post is an easy and effective way to clean metal bar stools. You'll never need to refer to any other guide again, so keep this one bookmarked. We hope you find it helpful and make sure to share it with your friends if they need to clean their metal bar stools.

What you'll need:

  • Mild detergent
  • A bunch of soft cloths (you'll need more than one)
  • Warm water
  • A bucket
  • A feather duster or similar
  • Foil
  • White vinegar
  • WD40/ baby oil


  1. Start by dusting your bar stools from top to bottom, ensuring no dirt or dust is left behind. We recommend doing this with a feather duster but if you don't have one, a dry microfibre cloth will do.  Any dirty or marks that are engrained will be removed using the next few steps.
  2. Now, you can begin with the real cleaning process! Take a bucket of warm soapy water - use mild detergent where possible. Then, dip your dry, soft cloth into the solution and ring out. Wipe the metal stem down with your now wet, soapy cloth to really give it a good clean. Try and remove any food or drink spillages or stains as soon as they occur. This way, you have a better chance of keeping your metal bar stools clean at all times! Allow the bar stool to dry completely.
  3. Next, you can tackle the harsher stains or any rust marks. Let's be honest, sometimes rust just forms on metal and it looks pretty unsightly. But we can fix it! Take some aluminium foil, with the shiny side up, and scrunch into a ball. This can be rubbed against any rust marks to attempt to remove them. It should leave your bar stool looking good as new!
  4. You can now use your white vinegar (or alternatively, rubbing alcohol) to get rid of any unsightly dark marks in the chrome frame. This should alleviate any limescale or watermarks that might appear.
  5. Finally, take some WD40 or baby oil to really give your bar stool a beautiful brand-new shiny appearance. Use a soft, dry cloth to rub a small amount of the baby oil or WD40 into the surface of the metal stem.

And now you're done! You can enjoy your lovely clean metal bar stools, safe in the knowledge that they are free from dirt, dust and rust. How about using them for a cocktail party or putting on a seasonal celebration in your kitchen?

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