The Ultimate Guide to Maintaining Your Dining Chairs

15th January 2018

Dining chair maintenance: all the tips and tricks

Today's blog post is going to explore the best ways to maintain your beloved dining chairs. We've covered this kind of topic in some posts before but we thought we'd round them all off in one big summary. Think of this as your go-to guide for all things maintenance when it comes to your dining chairs. We'll cover cleaning, levelling and getting rid of creaks. Maybe, if you're lucky, we'll throw in some quick product recommendations too! After all, there's nothing more satisfying than a new set of chairs in your dining room... is there? Well, perhaps keeping your old ones in tip-top condition can be seen on par with that. Here's how to do it.

Cleaning your dining chairs

The amount of time and effort you put into cleaning your chairs is going to depend on two things: the results you want to see and the fabric that they're made of. So, let's run through the main types of chair and how to clean them.

Upholstered fabric: Regularly vacuuming can get rid of any dust and prevent dirt marks showing up on the fabric. Also, you can use white vinegar for coffee and tea stains or rubbing alcohol for wine stains. Gentle blotting and spot testing are key here. Never use bleach or ammonia on your fabric chairs.

Velvet: Same as upholstered with the whole vacuuming thing. Alongside this, use an upholstery cleaner or dish soap and water to clean stains. A soft brush can be used to restore the correct texture after cleaning!

Faux leather: Using dish detergent and warm water with a soft, clean cloth can help to alleviate any dirt or spillages on your leather chairs. Baby wipes are also useful for a quick clean! Of course, a faux leather polish is a great further step if you want to really maintain your chairs.

You can get more information on maintaining your chairs and a more detailed guide here.

Levelling your wobbly chair legs

We could give you a quick summary of this but it is probably for the best that you read the full guide. However, we can tell you that you are going to need the following items: a small coping saw, masking tape, chisel, a hammer, hand block, sandpaper and stain marker. Our method involves handy tips for checking which leg is causing the wobbly issue and slowly but surely levelling the rest of the legs out. It's important to re-test once you think you've solved the problem!

Fixing a squeaky chair

Occasionally, your dining chairs will become victim to the dreaded squeak. There's nothing more annoying but it's easily fixed. Firstly, you need to check where the loose part is - this is likely to be what's causing the creaking sound if it's a wooden frame. Once you've identified the problem part, use your hands to identify where the loose tenon or dowel is. You can drill a hole where you've located the issue with a 1/4-inch bit. Go about 3 inches deep or however far you can, then fill the hole with glue. Clamp the chair across the joint and tighten. Leave the clamp on for 24 hours so the glue can dry. Alternatively, you can use tightly wound masking tape. Check out this great blog post from SF Gate for a more in-depth guide to getting the squeak out of your chair!

Extra tips and tricks

Another great tip for maintaining your dining chairs is this: don't leave chairs in direct sunlight for too long. If they are near a window then make sure the curtains or blinds are shut to avoid the sun bleaching the fabric. This can really ruin the look of your chair and you'll end up with a mismatching set! Make sure you use floor protectors on the bottom of your chair legs. It doesn't matter if they are not on a hard floor - check out this comprehensive guide to how to pick the right protectors and what they can do for you. Regularly check your dining chairs for scratches, spillages and cracks so that you can combat the problem before it gets worse!


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