Handy Storage Ideas & Decluttering Your Home

20th November 2017

Family gatherings, an abundance of presents (especially if you have kids in the house) and the school holidays - there has never been more reason to declutter your home! Storage solutions and keeping a tidy space go hand in hand. Keep reading for all our top tips on making your home a clutter-free, super-organised place to live.

First up: get tidy

There's no point planning your storage and creating a more efficient system if you've just got too much stuff, to begin with. Having a clear-out is not only great for making your house a nicer place but it's also really therapeutic!

Start from the highest floor and work downwards. That way, once you've finished, you can easily take all your rubbish out of the house into your car to take to its final destination. Arm yourself with bin bags and set aside a weekend to do this. If you can, get the whole family involved. Make three piles: keep, bin & charity. Having a charity collection makes getting rid of things a lot easier - especially when you know it's going to a good cause and someone who will love it more than you. Make sure you also separate the 'bin' pile into recyclable and tip. Be ruthless when getting rid of items - the general rule is that if you've haven't used it in 18 months you should get shot of it. The only exception perhaps is family heirlooms and sentimental gifts. If you have many of these, consider storing them together in an attic box to maximise space for things you use every day. Living minimally is highly effective. Just ask the Swedes! Have a read of this article on Lagom to get a feel for what we mean (blog post coming soon from us)!

Quick & easy storage tips

Now you've decluttered your home, you can store organising what's left. These ideas are really simple but will transform the way you go about your daily business!


  • Overhaul your linen cupboard – store bedlinen sets inside one of their own pillowcases and there will be no more hunting through piles for a match.
  • Invest in over-the-door organizers or hangers to store your coats, scarves, dressing gowns etc.
  • Attach a magnetic strip to the wall to store your bobby pins and tweezers. No more finding those pesky hair grips lying around the house!
  • Transform your wall space by putting your full-length mirror on a hinge. You can then secretly store all your jewellery on hooks on the wall behind it.
  • Use paper towel holders to store your belts. Yep, it really works.


  • Install shelving for your shoes instead of a shoe rack that takes up floor space and allows shoes to overflow - it'll also make vacuuming a lot easier.
  • Keep your printer tucked away in a hidden drawer with the front panel on a hinge for easy access.
  • Install shelving above your desk so you can avoid a mess piling up around your precious workspace.

Kitchen/utility room

  • Install a tension rod under the sink to store spray bottles. Then use small plastic baskets to hold dishcloths, vacuum cleaner parts and rubber gloves.
  • Get a small caddy to store salt, cooking oils and spices next to the stove instead of allowing them to spread out and take up precious counter space.
  • Store foil and clingfilm in a mounted magazine rack - thank us later. Fix hooks onto the inside of your kitchen cupboard.
  • Use old peanut butter and jam jars to store things like nuts and seeds. It's great for the environment and avoids ugly packaging cluttering up your cupboards.

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