How to Guide: Fixing a Squeaking Bar Stool

How to Guide: Fixing a Squeaking Bar Stool
Today we’re giving you some handy tips and tricks to getting rid of that annoying squeak on your favourite bar stool. Firstly, you need to identify where the squeak is coming from. There are several problem areas that can make a noise.

Sources of squeaking:

  • The base of a gas lift stool
  • Where the seat joins the metal column
  • Where the top half meets the bottom half of the metal column
  • Loose screws in a fixed height stool

How to fix

Start by turning the stool upside down and tightening any bolts or screws, even if you don’t think this is the cause. It never hurts to double check, as loose screws can also be a safety hazard! If the base is the source of the noise, apply a lubricant like WD40 to the joint of the base. Alternatively, apply WD40 where the seat joins the metal column if you suspect this is the source. Apply lubricant to any areas which seem to be causing the squeaking sound, unless you've fixed the noise by tightening screws. However, don’t apply too much, only a small amount is required. Make sure you wipe away any excess to prevent staining and ruining your bar stools. It is important to remember that most squeaking in bar stools is caused by dryness from central heating. Therefore, applying a lubricant to joints will moisten the area and hopefully give you some peace from the squeaking!

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