How to Guide: Fixing a Wobbly Rattan Chair

How to Guide: Fixing a Wobbly Rattan Chair

Let's fix that wobbly rattan chair!

It's not uncommon for chairs to have a little wobble and so it's a relatively easy problem to fix. If you're looking for help fixing a wobbly bar stool or wobbly dining chair, we've got separate blog posts for that. Today, we're going to focus on the rattan chair you might have outside with your garden furniture. After all, with spring around the corner, you'll want your outdoor furniture to be in tip-top condition!

The method

First things first, you need to identify which leg is causing the problem. Unless you have an uneven patio or decking, it's likely that the chair legs are what is making it wobble. If you do have an uneven flooring, it might be worth sanding the surface or laying down some material to even things out. Stand the chair upright but lean it forward onto the front legs. Whichever of the back legs are touching the floor, that is the one you need to work on. Do the same vice versa if you haven't yet identified the problem leg. Once you know which leg is causing the problem, you need to adjust it by applying a heavy amount of pressure. Do this by lifting the chair up from the directly opposite leg of the leg you've identified. Then, drop the chair heavily on the leg that is the problem. You can repeat this process until the chair legs are even!

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