How to Clean Stains on Rattan Furniture? Prevent Stains and Marks

How to Clean Stains on Rattan Furniture? Prevent Stains and Marks

The guide to removing stains on rattan furniture and properly cleaning

Eventually, you will start to get stains on your synthetic garden furniture. It's sad but true. Especially if it is a well used, well loved set. If you have small children, you are likely to receive a variety of stains. Luckily we have developed a handy 'how to guide' to help you clean synthetic rattan furniture from any unwanted stains or marks.
What is the best way to clean my synthetic rattan furniture?
Top grade synthetic furniture can just be cleansed with warm soapy water. You should ensure you always rinse of any excess with clean water. The stain will come off quite easily. Read our top guide to cleaning your rattan furniture here. However, lower grade rattan materials are more likely to stain. With this, the stains on lower grade rattan sets seem to be harder or even impossible to remove. This is due to lower grade plastic being very absorbent. Making removing any tough stain and impossible task. COVER SYNTHETIC RATTAN

You should invest in high quality furniture

When buying any rattan furniture, you should ensure that you are buying the highest grade possible. You should ensure you buy from a reputable company who are able to offer advice if needed on rattan furniture. However, if you do end up with some stains on your garden furniture, don't worry. For any tough stains, you are also able to buy specialised products. Take a look at this video which demonstrates the cleaning process of removing stains on rattan furniture.

Our top tips

These are our important tips to remember if you ever find yourself in a situation with stains on rattan furniture:
  • Use a mild detergent mixed in warm water to create a soapy solution
  • Wipe over stains with a soft cloth
  • Allow to dry properly, if it's natural rattan then it could be useful to use a hairdryer (natural rattan cannot stay wet or else it will become damaged)
  • Coat your rattan furniture with an appropriate varnish to protect it from further becoming stained in the future
  • We recommend furniture oil like this one from B&Q
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