Can I keep my synthetic rattan garden furniture out in winter?

Can I keep my synthetic rattan garden furniture out in winter?

Protect your synthetic rattan garden furniture in winter

Yes you can keep rattan garden furniture out in winter, but your set should be of excellent quality. The good quality rattan garden furniture has high-class frames which are rust proof and are made of aluminium. The weave of such furniture is prepared so that it can resist the damage occurring due to weather or UV rays. If you want to keep your furniture looking like new, follow the below tips below.

rattan garden furniture in winter

Tips to Clean And Protect Rattan Garden Furniture:

Cleaning For Winter

When winter is arriving its time to start storing your garden set.  Make sure to clean your furniture to remove the dirt and dust from the surface of your furniture.

Storing Cushions In Winter

You should take the cushions inside the house and remove their covers.  Wash the covers of the cushions.   The cushions can be then packed in a box for storage.

Extra Protection for the Frame

You can also apply a coat of car wax over your furniture frame in order to maintain its condition. The layer should be thin and not thick.  In this way, the metal part of the furniture will remain as good as new.

Storing Over Winter

Stack up the furniture and shift it under a shelter or protected area.  For best protection it can be kept in a store room or garage. If you need to store your furniture outside, we recommend you cover your rattan furniture to protect it from the elements.  Get covers for your furniture and cover it from top to bottom.

cover rattan furniture

Cheaper Rattan Furniture Storage Ideas

If the quality of the furniture is lower, there is a possibility that the frames are made of steel.  Ultimately the frames will rust if kept outside.  If the weave of furniture is not fully dyed exposure to the sun will result in fading of the dye.

The quality of polythene used to prepare low-quality furniture is not weather resistant. This will lead to splitting after some exposure to frost. Keep your furniture inside a garage or store room in order to protect it from all these elements. Better quality rattan can be kept outside without any problem.  This is because the weave is fully dyed and the frame is aluminium.

If you need a cover Tesco have lots.

If you need ideas on the types of furniture covers you can get Veranda have some great options

You can keep your rattan garden furniture out in winter.   We advise that when not in use you should at least cover your furniture in the winter to help keeps it condition.  Leaving it fully exposed to the elements all year round will reduce its lifespan. Keeping your furniture in great condition will help you achieve the perfect outdoor living space.