Why the Right Office Chair Can Boost Your Productivity

5th January 2018

The truth about office chairs

Whether you've got a beloved home office to cosy up in or have to venture to your work's building to get your projects underway, everyone who sits at a desk will know the trials and tribulations of the office chair. Some are comfortable, some really aren't and some are designed specifically with your body in mind. If you're interested in ergonomics and office chairs, head over to this blog post to discover how to choose the perfect chair. However, today we're concerned with WHY it's so important to get the right office chair and how this decision can affect your work ethic.

Why is it so important to get a good office chair?

Well, of course, the most simplistic answer would be to stay comfortable at work. This is really important but there are also other things that your chair can affect. For example, if you're aren't comfortable, you're not likely to enjoy being at work. This can have a serious impact on both your productivity and your job satisfaction - a road no-one wants to go down. There's actually been research conducted on this specific topic. The findings? Those employees working in an ergonomic environment were 17.5% more productive compared to an environment that wasn't optimised. So, let's explore some of the ways that a great office chair can boost your productivity!

comfort = happiness

Like we mentioned earlier, if you are comfortable at work then you're going to feel much happier - naturally. An ergonomic office chair can be the solution to all your back and shoulder problems. Slouching and bad posture is also a pretty big part of workplace comfort but having the correct chair can make these issues much easier to deal with. So, once you've solved your physical problems and feel comfy while you're working, it's only natural that you'll be better equipped to get your work done. Not only that, but you'll feel respected by your employer and be in a better mood to increase workplace relationships! It's a win-win for everyone.

less time off

If you are having a lot of physical problems due to your office chair, it's likely that you'll be taking a few sick days to deal with the pain. No-one likes taking a day off work but by the same token, it's going to be easier to call in sick if you know you'll only be uncomfortable once you're there. Working from home may be a better option for those who hate sitting at their rigid office desk but it doesn't necessarily mean higher productivity! Getting into work and keeping sick days to a minimum can help projects keep ticking over and maintain good communication between you and your colleagues.

proper support for concentration

Whilst we've been banging on about comfort but this concept is actually a bit more complex. When we mean comfortable, we generally mean supportive. Think of this way, a Premier Inn hotel bed is comfortable. But it would be terrible to do your work on! You'd just want to drift off... Anyway, that fantasy out of mind, you can now see why it's important to get a good combination of comfortable and supportive. You want to be comfy enough to feel happy but supported enough to maintain a good posture and avoid falling asleep! It's all about concentration if you want to boost your productivity.

Feeling inspired?

Maybe now you've realised how important a really good office chair is. It doesn't matter where you work - if you've got to sit at a desk for hours then you need to bear in mind all the factors we discussed. Check out our extensive range of ergonomic chairs that any occupational therapist would approve of!


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