What is a Cantilever Parasol?

Learning about garden furniture and accessories

At this time of year, you may be seeing a lot more garden furniture and accessories floating around. Of course, we see a lot more people buying outdoor furniture! It's understandable, especially with the glorious weather we're currently experiencing (fingers crossed it stays). However, there is so much variation within garden furniture that you might start to become confused. What is the difference between synthetic and natural rattan? How do you clean a garden umbrella? It's also easy to get confused between the different types of garden umbrella, too. Today, we're going to discuss the cantilever parasol. What is it and why might you want one in your garden?

What is a Cantilever parasol?

Parasol, umbrella, whatever you want to call it. It can seem like a minefield trying to come to terms with all the different words for garden umbrellas. But not only do we see a difference in the world for 'umbrella', there are also many types of umbrellas. The Cantilever parasol, in particular, has a few different names itself. If you've heard of a hanging umbrella or banana umbrella, you've heard of a Cantilever! What makes a cantilever parasol so special? Well, they are designed in the same way as your standard garden umbrella. Usually, you'd require a hole in the middle of your garden table to support your parasol, along with a weighted pole stand. However, cantilever parasols are designed to hang over furniture without getting in the way. They do use their own unique weighted base. Alternatively, cantilevers can be screwed into decking or leaned against a wall. No special furniture required to achieve that all important shade! And, there will be no obstruction in your garden.

Why is it important to keep a parasol in the garden?

  • They had an extra layer of style to your garden; parasols are the perfect accessory to any outdoor furniture set
  • You don't need to have furniture to make use of an umbrella - simply cover an area of your lawn for children to play whilst protected.
  • The sun can catch us all out. Don't get sunburnt whilst you're sat relaxing in your garden!
  • Keep your drinks cool from the burning rays of the sun when you're hosting outdoor parties.
  • Your visitors will feel a lot more welcome in your garden during summer if they know they've got somewhere to be shaded.

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