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Leather Dining Chairs

Leather dining chairs provide sophistication and luxury in any home. Leather is a material that will never go out of style, thanks to it's strength, durability and overall comfort it provides. We stock a selection of leather dining chairs in a variety of colours, so all you have to do is take your pick!

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Leather Dining Chairs at Lakeland Furniture

The Advantages of Leather

Bonded leather is one of the most utilised fabrics on the market. Many products use the upholstery to make products more rustic and sturdy. The material responds well to moulding, making it perfect to finish our dining chairs. Due to this, Lakeland Furniture has created a whole range of dining chairs using faux leather. The kitchen diner is the heart of any home so ensure it is built to last with a leather chair.

Leather dining chairs are a great focal point for most dining rooms. Their rustic charm and elegant feel create a luxurious feeling. In most you shop you will now be able to find any piece of furniture in a leather option.

With regards to the interior, there are many advantages of leather. Following on from using all wooden furniture, leather has made a break through and is now available as an option on almost all products. There are three kinds of leather – genuine, faux and bonded – each with their own advantages. Throughout our collection, we offer both faux and bonded options, and we are happy to help you chose the best fit for your home.


Resisting from cracks, tears or wear, Genuine leather is a lasting and efficient material. Known for ageing well, the upholstery becomes supple and charming over time. Like any skin the fabric has pores, meaning that is able to change temperature with your body. A trait that bonded and faux leather do not carry. As old wife’s tales suggest, the material does not hold dust. Making it perfect for any asthma or allergy sufferers. Sun, heat and fire resistant, it also makes for a safer choice than many other materials.


If you love the look of leather but considering for a cheaper alternative, faux leather is for you. Manufactured to look, feel and even smell the same as genuine leather. No one would ever notice the difference.

With a wide range, faux is less weak to wrinkling, ideal for rounder styles of leather chairs. Being easy to dye in to a rainbow of shades is a key selling point for faux leather. Catering for any theme and decor. Lighter shades, for example, cream, green and grey stimulate a quiet climate. Whilst bolder tones, for example, red, yellow and orange will give a fresher look.

Another positive of the fabric is the resistance to scratches and buffs. This makes the leather a perfect alternative for families.

Cleaning isn't a problem with its water repellent, recolour safe surface. Produced using only synthetic materials, no living creature is exploited as a part of the production. A rare option for vegans and restricted religions.


An option between the two, bonded leather draws traits from each. Produced using remaining leather pieces combined with an adhesive and shrouded in vinyl. It's a reused material and "green" choice. Due to this, it is a popular choice with our naturally aware clients. With its remarkable features, bonded leather chairs are just as impressive as genuine leather.


Purchasing any furniture can be a difficult choice. Choosing between all the shapes and fabrics can be a real task.

Genuine leather is perfect is you want to make a high impact statement. This is also followed by a high price so this purchase needs to be something you can commit too. Genuine leather will also need care and attention, and should be treated to conditioner and shampoo. It is recommended that shampoo and conditioner treatments are provided one every 6-12 months. Finally, real leather is made from the skin of animals, which can be hazardous to the environment. You can read about this here

Bonded leather is a cheaper alternative to genuine leather. Bonded leather is a great way to use the off cuts of leather, that would be discarded otherwise. Another pro is that it is more like a plastic than a leather. Due to this the furniture wouldn't need as much care as a genuine leather product. A major flaw with bonded leather is the fabric does not breathe. As a synthetic product, the material does not have the pores to breathe and change temperature with the body.

Faux leather is produced in virtually any colour style or pattern. This ensures there is a colour and style for every kitchen diner. The material used (polyurethane) is recognised as environmentally

friendly. Similarly, no animals are harmed in making the material. Meaning this is the best options for both vegans and restricted religions. As with bonded leather, the fabric does not breathe. Which is something to think about if you are using the chair for a long amount of time. A great reason to buy faux leather, is that the upkeep of the material is minimal. The material is durable, meaning that it resists cracks, and is UV fade resistance.

At Lakeland we recommend faux leather as the go to material. It is hard wearing and durable. Also, it can be designed, coloured and shaped to suit any decor, which is why we use it on our products.

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